Stupidity Defeated America - Not The Taliban

9456286690?profile=RESIZE_400xA nation that can’t handle the truth, going to “wars,” maiming and killing this country’s very best people, American soldiers, against enemies, of which we can’t even mention their names, I guess we are just plain stupid! 

Afghanistan: Just another war against an enemy we can’t even name!!!

As for Afghanistan, you can’t lose a war that was never declared against an enemy we can’t even name.

You can’t win a war that conceptually most Americans don’t know the reason we are fighting, much less agree that this “war” is even taking place.

Stupid is as stupid does! Afghanistan, America’s “longest” war, is not a fight against terrorism; it is and has always been a battle against a foe to which we cannot even refer: Radical Islam. Our other unnamed adversary is China.

Radical Islam is at war with us, the West, the same as the Chinese Communist Party, although we cannot acknowledge this to ourselves, because the prospect is too gargantuan to consider, much less admit.

Perhaps under usual circumstances, the “humiliation” of the United States and the “incompetence” of President Biden would be a national disgrace, but not anymore. We are living in a world, where the Centers for Disease Control on Wednesday called for “booster shots,” because the two vaccine jabs that most of us took this spring are now considered insufficient, even though they were going to be the cure all for the lockdowns that did not work. This continuing Covid-19 story in 2021 is what CNN and MSNBC are covering, not Afghanistan falling to the Taliban after 20 years of geopolitical fantasy on the part of American policymakers, specifically those in the George W. Bush administration from 2001 to 2008.

America’s first war after the Revolution was against Muslims, the Barbary Pirates, who inhabited four nations in northern Africa. The Barbary War appears economic at first, because the Muslim nations demanded “tribute” to allow for trade in the Mediterranean. President Thomas Jefferson, elected in 1800, refused to pay and by 1802, Congress declared war, and the new United States Navy and Marines achieved victory by 1805. Still, it must be remembered that Islamic peoples then and now believe that their Koran characterizes the enemies of the Prophet as sinners and deserving of plunder. The war with Islam, therefore, has existed since the beginning of the country.

Bush’s folly of “nation-building” took hold with the idea that Iraq and Afghanistan, with 3,000-year-old tribal cultures. The American war entered dormancy until 1979, when the Shah of Iran who had been backed by the United States lost his throne to radical Shiite Muslims. President Jimmy Carter abandoned the Shah and his kingdom fell. For the next 20 years, Islam waged terrorism on the West and Israel, culminating in 9/11 in September 2001 when al-Qaeda flew airplanes into the World Trade Center Twin Towers, according to our government if we can believe this or not.

From then, the feckless neo-cons of the Bush administration lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and began a proxy war in Afghanistan against the Taliban. In both places, the Bush’s folly of “nation-building” took hold with the idea that Iraq and Afghanistan, with 3,000-year-old tribal cultures would become South Dakota or Kentucky, if we only poured in enough money and firepower. President Trump had it right: destroy ISIS, bop them on the head and get out of there, keep the killing there so we don’t die on the streets of Davenport, Iowa.

It must be remembered that the United States fought covertly ALONG SIDE THE MUSLIMS in Afghanistan when the Soviet Union tried to create a communist country there in the 1970s. That was Cold War intrigue, which the United States eventually won with the fall of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall in 1989. The Cold War was at least the policy of the United States, which fought wars in Korea and Vietnam as part of that multi-decade campaign.

But not so the war on Radical Islam, or just Islam, if that makes one more comfortable. The “smart ones” in both political parties, in academia, in the military cannot say we are at war with Radical Islam, which wants to destroy everything outside its realm. This fact is undeniable, as Radical Islam clearly states they want to create an Islamic Caliphate governed by the Koran. Nor can we say we are at war with China, which steals our intellectual property and seeks to destroy our manufacturing base with cheap labor. China unleashed the Wuhan virus on the world without warning, a clear military aim, and has poured artificial opiates into the United States such as fentanyl, killing hundreds of thousands of Americans, mostly young white males, who used to be able to find hope and lives in good-paying construction and manufacturing jobs.

What about Russia? Hasn’t Putin “interfered with our elections,” as has been alleged? Well, it’s never been proven, except people in our government say that it has happened. These are the same people who say there was no fraud in the 2016 presidential election. If Russia did “interfere” with our elections, it was only to make sure that President Trump became president, because they need a strong United States against China of which they share a 2,500-mile border.

This just shows how stupid America has become! It’s hard to believe that the movie A Few Good Men was released in 1992, almost 30 years ago. Maybe even harder to believe that ultra-Liberal Rob Reiner was the director of a movie that is now considered a conservative classic. What Reiner must have thought would be an indictment of the Marines guarding Guantanamo Bay featured a woman’s defense of the Corps with Navy Lt. Cdr. JoAnne Galloway (Demi Moore) saying why she admired the Marines: because they put themselves on the line and say, “not on my watch.” But even more famous is the line Col. Nathan R. Jessep (Jack Nicholson) says in answering Navy Lt. Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise), when he asks him for the truth about what happened in the death of a marine in his command. Nicholson as Jessep, on the tribunal witness stand responds, “You can’t handle the truth.”

Stupid Sheep that’s who we have become: a nation that can’t handle the truth, going to “wars,” maiming and killing this country’s very best people, American soldiers, against enemies, of which we can’t even mention their names.

Stupid is as stupid does! Think I'm kidding? Check the facts!   

p.s. - all we have to do is fire Congress and elect 'Non-stupid' people' DUH! 

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