Stopping the endless Russia nonsense

Now Adam Schiff is going to look into the presidents finances good lord is there an end ?  One can only hope.  

It is too bad that the Dems use their endless RUSSIA hoax to investigate the pres and for what to find an impeachable offense look no farther than Obama and all of his.   If only.

We all know now that Hillary should be in prison not just for uranium one which Mueller knew of but her and Obama going to war w/Libya but not asking Congress , see art 1 sect 8, only congress can declare war too bad Obama ignored that and Dennis Kucinich at the time called for his impeachment and rightfully so, the spying on the Trump campaign; all of the things Obama did and HIllary she is her own crime syndicate.   

Will we the people see any type of prosecution one can only hope but not from Adam Schiff. 

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