Stop the NSA. Stop the spying.

It never fails to disappoint me when I ask a fellow American how they feel about the NSA spying on them and they reply, "Fine, why should I be concerned?  I'm not doing anything wrong."  Not only are the atrocities visited upon America by the National Security Agency so unthinkably unconstitutional, but the average American isn't concerned or even aware about them.  As long as they believe the government won't incarcerate them, they don't care about drones peeking into their lives, or police kicking down their door without cause.  Here in America, we are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.  Americans should not be treated like criminals on probation, and suspected of crimes until proven otherwise. This freedom of the citizens and the trust in them by the government was what once made our nation so great, and allowed it to prosper for so long.  The oppression initiated by the government's National Security Agency needs to be stopped before it can spread any farther.  It is a violation of our implied right to privacy guaranteed by the IX amendment and a violation of one of the core ideals that America was founded upon.

Speak out against the NSA.  Stop the spying.

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