Stop Riding the Fence

I originally posted this on Facebook in October 2011.  I republished it on my website today and thought I would share this with my fellow Tea Party Members as well.


I found something similar on a friend's post last night.  I had to expand on what was there and bring it HOME!


You cannot straddle the fence.  You have to make a choice!  Are you an American, or not?  Being American depends on which side of the fence are you on!  Are you an American or socialist?  You cannot be BOTH! For example:

  • If an American doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t buy one.  But if a socialist doesn’t like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.
  • If an American is a vegetarian, he doesn’t eat meat.  If a socialist is a vegetarian, he wants all meat product banned and people who eat them taxed at a higher rate.
  • If an American is a homosexual, he quietly leads his life.  If a socialist is a homosexual, he demands legislation to garner respect and laws to prosecute anyone who would dare speak against a LIFESTYLE!
  • If an American is down and out, he gets up off of his butt and does everything he can to make his situation better.  If a socialist is down and out, he wonders who is going to take care of him and has the audacity to complain when the government is slow to respond!
  • If an American doesn’t like a TV channel, he changes the channel and doesn’t buy the products that are advertised on the channel.  If a socialist doesn’t like a channel, they DEMAND that the government shut down that channel for being “too right wing!”
  • If an American is a non-believer, he simply does not go to church.  If a socialist is a non-believer, he wants any mention of God or religion silenced by the government and within the government.
  • If an American decides he needs healthcare, he goes about shopping for it or finds a job that provides it for him and his family.  If a socialist wants healthcare, he demands that everyone ELSE pay for his and everyone elses!  After all…that is the “fair way to be!”
  • If an American reads this, he’ll forward it to others with pride.  If a socialist reads this, he will be “offended!”

I am a TRUE American.  My family has spilled blood in every war since we kicked the British out over 200 years ago.  We were on BOTH sides of the Civil War!  We are American’s by BIRTH and by RIGHT!  And now, as an American, I am voicing my concerns about where this nation is headed…and that direction is currently toward a socialist (even Marxist) philosophy.   I am SICK AND TIRED of those who promote a socialist agenda without concern for us Americans!   And now I am going to do something about it!   I am going to speak the TRUTH and I do so without regard for the socialist ideology!


I am posting this on Facebook as a result of my pride in this nation…not as an offense to Americans.  I have many friends who believe in “socialized society” and I care deeply for every one of them.  I respect their right for their beliefs MUCH MORE than they respect mine.  They are even sincere in their beliefs.  But they are SINCERELY WRONG!   I can only hope that this posting will shake them to their core and help them remember what made this nation great.  If they are offended; then too bad!  I will no longer pander to their “rights” or their “demands!”    


The GOVERNMENT does not care about the individual like we can one-on-one, as neighbors and friends. (This conflicts with the belief of the socialist who think the government should supply all our needs).   The GOVERNMENT cannot solve the problems of this nation through legislation and bail-outs. (Again, there is a conflict with the socialist).  The GOVERNMENT cannot solve the problems of this nation through socialized medicine, universal healthcare, and by silencing the voice of the individual.  (Again, not only is this a conflict, but it ticks the socialist off to hear these words!) 


Only WE…the TRUE Americans…can save our nation.  We do it through hard work and sacrifice.  We do it by helping our neighbors and opening our homes to those less fortunate.  America is NOT Republican or Democrat.  America is PEOPLE!  We the People!  And the American people are going to take this nation back!


Not ONE single social program has made this nation better in the past 100 years.  Social Security has become a strain on our tax base and will be completely broke within 20 years.  It has FAILED!  The Great Society (commonly known as Welfare) IS a strain on society and has enslaved millions over the past 40 years leaving them dejected and hopeless.  Yes…SOME have benefited.  But MORE have become powerless and struggle with poverty that none in our day should endure.  By and far it has done more harm than good.  National Healthcare will only add to the burden we must ALL shoulder…and that is downright un-American!  It is time to reverse the socialist course this nation has bent toward – especially the turn it has made since January 2009!


I challenge EVERYONE to read this and objectify our society.  Are we better off (socially or economically) than we were 3, 5, 10, 20, 50, or even 70 years ago?  Income taxes (not the rich) brought us into our first depression.  All you have to do is study history.  Wartime production helped bring us out of that depression!  Is that what we want?  World War III?  World War II was brought about by “isolationism” because the liberals (socialists) of the time did not “want to get involved in the war in Europe!”  It came to our front door.  Now we face a new enemy…one that hates America because of our freedom.  Want to wait until they attack again?  Want to let a rogue power, like Iran, obtain a couple of nuclear warheads?  Or do you want to stop them before they have a chance to bow up and strike an ally or, worse yet, our homeland? 


The fact of the matter is…I will stand with my last breath and defend this nation side-by-side with ANYONE who loves it as much as I do.  Your race, sex, religion, age, eye-color, number of limbs, ability to see, hear, smell, taste, or talk does not matter to me.  If you are an American and you care about this nation and what it stands for MORE than you care what this nation does for you; then we are together.  But if you have forgotten the words of JFK and are standing there complaining about what the government has or has not done for you, then you are NOT an American and you should get out while the getting is good.  “Ask NOT what America can do for you!”


I am just the tip of the iceberg.  Americans are waking up and taking back this nation all over the place and from every walk of life.  Socialistic attitudes (like those currently taking place with “Occupy Wall Street”) will be defeated post haste.  Socialism WILL become a thing of the past within my lifetime.  And any future attempts for a socialist takeover will be dealt with quickly and without concern for their “feelings!”  Americans are still the majority in this land despite the Socialist strongholds found on the left and right coasts!   Americans are STILL the majority despite the manure you see on CNN and the other liberal media ilk!   


America is about to experience the “Second American Revolution!”  It will take place in the hearts and minds of people from coast to coast and from sea to shining sea!  I love this nation and will stand firm for the rights of all Americans.  I will stand just as firm AGAINST the socialist agenda! 


Give me liberty or give me death!  But don’t show up unarmed!  I am going to fight with my dying breath for the liberty my family has fought to preserve for 235 years!   And I will fight harder and longer than any socialistic punk.  You have 235 years of catching up to do!  I am well armed and ready to take your way of thinking OUT of my country!  Leave quietly and there will be no need for me to defend my nation!

Jim Brock

The Able Patriot

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