State Issued Photo I.D.

To whom it may concern.

Contact your State Legislators and urge them to press for a State Issued Photo I.D. carry requirement.

I can speak only for California here, but those of you who are in other States might want to consider this as well.

Currently, in the State of California, our DMV issues State Photo I.D. cards, either as a California Driver's Licenses or as a California Identification Cards. These I.D's have a recent Photo, biometric data including a “fingerprint”, and a magnetic strip on the back that can be linked to a DMV database. When you apply for a new I.D. you are required to show a Certified Copy of your Birth Certificate and proof of California residence, as well as  provide the original biometric data including a “fingerprint”. When you renew, a new Photo is usually taken and your "Fingerprint" is scanned again.

A very short passage in the CVC alludes to the effect that all adult California residents are expected to obtain one of these two cards, but there is only a direct provision that all persons operating a motor vehicle on a public roadway in the State of California Carry a Valid California Driver's License, or an out-of-State equivalent. There is no direct provision that all California residents shall carry one or the other at all times.

It would seem as common sense that all adult persons would need one simply to do day-to-day business, but this is apparently not the case.


Contact your State Legislators and urge them to enact a State Issued Photo I.D. Carry Requirement!


I can hear the Libertarians out there already riling against this idea. "You are trying to take away another one of our liberties!"

But I ask you this, if you were in a war-zone, which California virtually is, would you be more comforted if that trooper who just jumped into your foxhole next to you was in the Same Uniform you were wearing or in street clothes, or even a totally different uniform? Why do you think closed association groups have secretive ways that only the members know? Do you not already stand prepared to prove ownership of your properties? How can you do this without valid I.D. even if you are not "operating a motor vehicle on a public roadway"? If someone were to challenge your home ownership, would you not be able to provide ownership documentation AND to show that YOU are the Entitled holder of that documentation?


Why, then, is it not appropriate to require that All Legal Adult California Residents, or Legal Adult Residents of any other U.S. State, have AND be prepared to produce, on the spot when stopped by Law Enforcement for a suspected infraction, Valid, and Verifiable, State Issued Photo I.D. The I.D. Card is a hard copy and the Magnetic strip on the back, or simply the number, can be used to verify this hard copy against the database stored by your local DMV. Granted, this is not proof against forgery, but it does come quite close. And, if that DMV database is corrupted, we have much larger problems.


Legal resident Aliens could be issued similar type I.D.'s, but on a provisional basis and keyed to the specific limitations and provisions of their Federally Issued Visa.


Contact your State Legislators and urge them, strongly, to make this a Statute.


ALL Adult, Name your U.S. State, Residents, 18 years of age and older, SHALL have in their possession a Valid State Issued Photo I.D./D.L.

In All cases where a Law Enforcement Officer stops any person for an infraction, the nature of that infraction shall be stated prior to further process.


All persons, when stopped by a Law Enforcement Officer for a suspected infraction, shall produce Valid State Issued Photo I.D., or an Out-of-State equivalent.

Minors, and persons determined not to be competent, when stopped by Law Enforcement for a suspected infraction, shall produce a responsible adult blood relative, or Legal Guardian, with the appropriate State Issued Photo I.D., or Out-of-State equivalent.

Failure by ANY person to provide proper and Valid State Issued Photo I.D., or a Verifiable Out-of-State equivalent, when stopped by a Law Enforcement Officer for suspicion of an unrelated infraction, shall be reasonable cause for immediate detention of the suspected person until their I.D. has been confirmed or further action is deemed to be necessary.

Unidentifiable Persons Shall Not be denied Legal Representation, but they shall not be released from detention until, at the very least, their Identity has been verifiably established.

Persons who remain unknown for 72 hours, after they have first met with Legal Representation, shall be referred to Homeland Security for further Processing.


Read this over!

Think about it!

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  • You said it was a good and a bad idea.

    I already think it would be a good thing.

    Give me some of the bad.

    Just calling it a bad idea with no reasoning is simple naysaying


    State your case!


    Don't just roll over and say, "I can't win, so I give up."


    Support your comment!

  • they've got our numbers as I said.  They know who what and where....what are you digging for me to say....I already answered...

  • The only real way these could be forged is if someone can copy your fingerprint onto the living surface of their own hand or enter their own actual biometric details under your name in the State Database.
    As I said, if this happens, we have much bigger problems.

    Open up. Other than concerns about forgery, what do you consider to be bad about this Idea?
  • I have no problem with photo ID's....but even with that forgeries are easily obtain...these ID's also can prevent identity theft....this is a both good and bad idea but mostly everyone has been tagged in one way or change yourself now is worthless...they got our numbers.
  • Douglas, I am in favor of taking any measure that would reduce the number of people that are in this country illegally.  They are a burden on our economy and are in no way contributing anything near what they are costing.  They are a liability and need to be dealt with in a speedy and deliberate manner.
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