NOTE 7-18-13     XXXX   If we don't know, understand by challenging the data, and force our executive-legislative officials to respond, disclose, and judiciously consider pertinent cost information... WE WILL LOSE THE AMNESTY WAR AND OUR FREEDOM!

The costs are adjusted from  2012 BLS 34.4 hour current short work weeks (Bureau of Labor Statistics).   The subsidy is government's $402 billion alien cost divided by their 11 million illegal aliens.    Individual average costs are reasonable.   This same criminal government claims no true knowledge of quantity or activity, which should be cause for impeachment!   We do know the parameter costs and they are catastrophic!    Government failure to disclose those costs is a sure sign of irreversible corruption!    The worker loses $37096 in take home pay, government loses $100,294 ($27,204 employee/employer taxes plus two $36,545 subsidies alien and citizen ), and the criminal employer pockets $51,820, which is used as windfall profit and advantage to run competitors out of business  ($64,300 - $12,480 no tax)!!!

Trust must be based on open honesty.... there is none!   XXXXXXXXX

The amnesty bill is a choice between upholding and defending the Constitution vs rewarding alien criminals and criminal citizen employers for theft and wantonly violating the Constitution and law!

A BLS average citizen 40/hr job with employer taxes is $64,300/yr!   $27,204 in government taxes, $37,096 in take home pay, and $36,545 in jobless subsidies are undeniable $100,846 of average lost job cost elements!  That costs $1.1/yr to $2.0 trillion/yr @ 11 to 20 million jobs if aliens receive no subsidy.   When government subsidizes illegal aliens to take citizen jobs, economic costs are $137,391 each - $1.5/yr trillion @11 million and $2.7/yr trillion @ 20 million per year right now, in activity that is unquestionably illegal and facilitated by our legislative-executive officers.    Mr. Bernanke counterfeits $85 billion/mo (over $1 trillion/yr) to pay for it!    According to Rubio and Schumer, 12 to 25 million jobless government subsidized citizens cost nothing; and subsidizing 11 to 30 million criminal alien invaders more than citizens are paid, to throw those citizens out of work… is good for the economy!   They’re torching our Constitution and economy!    Stop these traitors!  

Schumer and Rubio go to great lengths to deceive citizens into believing, legalizing illegal activity and imbedding those costs and crimes into citizen debt bondage and taxation is financially and morally beneficial to citizens.   An apparent footnote in today’s financial spin that unemployment and wages will remain constant, confirms there is no intent to return US jobs to citizens.    Instead laborers lose everything as dollar wages and work conditions plummet when competing in a labor supply flooded with criminal aliens in criminal workplaces!    Additionally the dollars they get will progressively become useless as Bernanke’s counterfeit money floods the economy and devalues all currency based wealth! 

Government accountants must refute false claims of officials using their reports!   Any professional accountant knows this!   The duty is truth and setting the record straight, regardless!    In the private and state-local sectors, accountant silence is culpability!    Any way it’s cut, it’s subversive activity designed to buy votes, undermine constitutional government, and fundamentally overthrow government!    Schumer and Rubio are the mouthpieces of perhaps the biggest Trojan horse of all times.    They are both top of the mound oath bound officials with the power and influence to devastate the US population in ways Hitler couldn’t.    It’s treason!   Hold the legislatures accountable for their actions – by recall if necessary, NOW!

Pass it on!   Make something good happen!


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  • The gang of eight or possibly nine   must think we just got off the  turnip truck . This is amnesty pure and simple and there will be retrubution at the polls . The Republican party is  within an inch of becoming irelevant , they are playing games with our future .  I suspect that,  as usual , it all over RNC funding . I wonder if our esteemed representatives would sell their Mother  for  money to get re-elected.

    Damn them , damn  anyone who won't damn them.

  • Your preaching to the masses, i have been righting , phoneing, and e mailing every senator lost cause,and every congressman since this damn thing began every day since january 1, i even had one of the sen. helpers tell me to stop that he new how i felt and that should be enough, i'm sure their is NO repersantation of  the people in the senat i truley  believe they do not have the people best intrest at all and don't care.

  • Whoever thought that the Lawyer class would do so much damage to a Nation in such a short time 50 years and a few more and we are on the brink of being a socialist/Marxist s***t hole like the sh**t hole Obama was born in. Or out of.

  • The politicians have sold out the American Citizens, thrown them under the bus.  Said to Hell with CITIZENS in favor of illegals.  I am ashamed of the crooked government and the stupid people who elected the liberal pieces of ****.

  • The Elite Power Brokers, sorry excuses for human beings, know they are evil and they promote this garbage anyway.

    Why do you think DHS got armed up with 2700 MWRAPS???

    There is a hot place in hell awaiting these sorry excuses for humans.

  • Must say it again...

    Amnesty is the end game for America.


    The only term for it is TREASON.

    Our Founding Fathers would never mess with the promoters.

    They would arrest them all for treason.

  • This BS about "back ground checks", do they think that we are stupid enough to believe that they will come forward for a "back ground check"?  Oh yeah, just like criminals would register their guns & go through a "back ground check" to buy a weapon.  SORRY, not that stupid!!!!!!!!


  • HOW do we get each state to STOP GIVING THEM EVERYTHING.....MEDICAL CARE, DENTAL CARE, FOOD STAMPS, RENT ASST.  I am FED UP with standing in line @ the grocery store with my well chosen items & they are in line ahead of me paying with their STATE EBT card!  Oh & let's not miss the WESTERN UNION card that they all carry so that they can send the ILLEGAL CASH that they make back home to their family members who aren't here YET!!!!  I hope Marco Rubio enjoys his "yr as a Jr. Senator", b/c I plan to help in ANY WAY THAT I POSSIBLY CAN to help see that HE IS DEFEATED IN THE NEXT ELECTION!  HE IS A LYING RINO A$$HOLE!

  • I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THEM LETTING These people break are laws and we let them! This is America and we have American laws, speak English, not Spanish. We dress in our American styles, not berkas and pray to Allah and were sambraos. I want my Country back and the law makers better wake up!
  • Yes we must stand fast, One More Time. ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL if you enter our country without proper documentation YOU ARE A CRIMINAL. While we are at it, YOU DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TO FREE MEDICAL CARE (MEDICAID), HOUSING ASSISTANCE, FOOD STAMPS or WELFARE. Last but not least enter the USA you will ABIDE by the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES and BILL of RIGHTS as written by our FOUNDING FATHERS. Oh and ENGLISH is the language of the UNITED STATES, learn it and speak it.  

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