Spiritual Warfare for USA

God has given me the victory in spiritual warfare against evil in 3 of my 4 children, these children are: USA, Puerto Rico and Colombia.Watch the prayer to bless the USA: http://www.evangelioparatodos.com/usa.htmYesterday morning I woke up with the spiritual force of a tornado and recorded a message for terrorists and Islam: http://www.evangelioparatodos.com/pulpito/p101030.htmWhile the army, the secret service and politicians working to protect the country, I'm in a spiritual struggle against the darkness of evil that want to harm USA.If someone needs a true friend and brother, I'm here.Víctor de los Santos Alemañywww.evangelioparatodos.com
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  • We each have the light of Christ within us. Jesus Christ is the Light that shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehend it not (John 1:5).
  • Victor, American is in the heart, as we understand we are all created equally, and land line borders are to protect our Country, but our hearts cross all oceans and boundaries regardless of race, religion, nationality, rich or poor, male or female, old and young, sick and healthy Bless you for your prayers and spirit! "Let Freedom Ring" and "liberty Shine" as God is willing.
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