Soros e-mail to paid anarchist!

This is no joke here. These opponents of the US Constitution and nonglobalist values have a war plan. They are well funded, well coordinated and intent upon upsetting the reclamation of American exceptionalism that so many are striving towards. They are using people who are generally ill-informed and single issue proponents as their army to bring about chaos and division and to impede healing between different demographics.
It’s divide and conquer at it’s best. We need to be aware of their plan and not succumb to their agenda. The best way to achieve this is to get the AG to actually be appointed and arrest and prosecute the leaders of the coordinated attack on the sovereign nation of the United States.
Obviously, we are supportive of free speech, but not supportive of coordinated globalist attacks on American citizens or their property. Here is the email: lengthy, but important:
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  • There is a petition to deport soros.I dont want him deported,I want him JAILED!

    ( for Sedition) 

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