Well, we did pretty well, all things considered. Made a little History, kicked a little but and swept away a few odious monsters from the "People's House". Good Job!And we know we have to keep up the drum beat, stay on our representatives to insure they do our will, and not the will of the progressive movement and the lobbyists on K Street.But there is something else I want to just put out there, and tell you about and ask you to join me.If you took notice, SEIU and all the other Union Goons in Nevada and California saved Reid and Boxer. Sure, they will lose some clout and all - but that isnt good enough. They arent humiliated either, by the tough race they went through, far from it.I say, VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS NOW and all though the next election cycle. I wont be going back to Vegas (or anywhere else in Nevada) that is run by unions...DO YOU HEAR ME HARRAHS EMPLOYEES?!I will NEVER take my kids to Disneyland in California again, until vampires like Pelosi and Boxer are gone.We MUST do more. This fight isnt over and we cant be schitzo about our behaviour - it MUST match and be in concurrance with our principles.I will NOT reward Nevada or California with any potential economic gains while they continue to re-install these radicalized Liberal vampires. Just say no. Go to a red state and spend your money there. As Daniel Boone once said, "you can go to hell, as for me, I am going to Texas.
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  • I still think Democrats exploited Mexicans here illegally and Americans of Mexican origin, Niki, is where the tides turned, for Meg and Carly as well as effected the Nevada campaigns. This is unexceptionable by the leaders in this country that choose to exploit us this way and they need to be pointed out and voted out. How one illegal being exploited by those seeking power, can dictate the direction of an entire country, as we lost Governorship of California, and possibly control of Congress. Yes, the unions are guilty of this exploitation as well.
  • I will join in this effort, it is simply a another way to be heard.
  • Jean,
    I know what you are going though out there, for sure! As I said I lived it for as long as I could. I wish ALL CA Conservatives would come out of the darkness and reclaim that state, but I am afraid it will take, as you said a "ground up" infiltration and time before we see that occur. Stay strong and fight the good fight!
  • I agree Nevada nor Disneyland has had my money for quite a few years now. We really need to keep working on local government as well. Keep voting our crooked judges and officials even in school districts out. Start infiltrating all systems. The Union is horrendously crooked and pushy to their members on voting for Democrats. I believe my Registra of Voters is crooked also. They claim they mailed our ballots to my home. I had to pick up my familys ballots let them vote and then take them back to Riverside, CA. They claim now we live in a vote by mail presinct. They have kept my husband from voting since 2001. They keep mailing our ballots to Cherry Valley (Beaumont), CA post office or who knows where this election and not to our mailing address. Only when I explained to a supervisor a few years ago that I would send the FBI or CIA which ever one would investigate them did she enter our physical & mailing address's correctly on 3 of my family members and we voted then but what happened this election when we have 6 family members registered? I don't believe they sent them to us at all, and if they did they knowingly sent them again some where else. So I don't know if our votes counted at all. I am sick of this of California especially the San Francisco bought off politicians and the ignorant ass actors whom play politicians on TV. GET OUT!
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