Some thoughts on how we got here

Benjamin Franklin opined after the continental congress met to sign the Constitution: “those ‘who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

While that is VERY true there is a problem with it in today’s society.  That problem begins with our education system.  The liberal element in this country, abetted by the National Education Association, has been moving for a complete take over for years.  They don’t teach History in our schools these days.  Not the history I learned.  The history that teaches of our struggle to become and remain free.  The history thaat teaches how we fought to stay free of communism, socialism and naziism and gave so many good men and women to that struggle.  The history they teach today is their edited and annotated version.  They throw in their opinions on all of it while simply eliminating any of our history that is counter to their agenda. .  In other words they blatantly brain wash your children.  You see to them, the federal government is everything.  It is the provider of mana from heaven.  NOT your own abilities.

They train our future citizens that the only important function of federal government is to provide them with life and happiness.  They have no idea what it cost us to obtain LIBERTY and they don’t care.  The opening paragraph of the Declaration of Independence argues that we each have the right to the PURSUIT of happiness.  We have the right to seek and earn our happiness.  I say that it is the one thing no government can grant.  It can only be taken away by that government.

Whether a man who has been adjudicated a pathological narcissist, as Obama has, even realises that or gives a damn is, shall we say ‘problematical’ since a pathological narcissist is absolutely convinced that he is always right and doesn’t need anybody telling him anything.  Look it up.

The last couple of generations have been conditioned to believe just the opposite of Mr. Franklin’s statement. It is my strongly held belief that until we can return to teaching our children to think for themselves, formerly the goal of all education, we will suffer the tyranny of a Nazi style government.  The definition of a Nazi style government?  An economic system where the producers are privately owned with STRONG governmental controls on how they operate. Sound familiar?

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