I'm sick of people talking about entitlements. Look, social security should have never been started in the first place, but since it was the money has been forced from everyone's paycheck ever since. FORCED to pay for your future retirement!

I say the real culprits that add to our national debt are: The welfare program, The food stamp program, All the money going overseas to other nations for whatever the reason may be, and Money being wasted on any thing else that the government wants to spend our tax dollars on.

Just to name one example: I worked at Robbins Air Force Base as a construction contractor doing renovation work for about a year. You would not believe the things that were thrown away during those renovations! Over half of the furniture that would have been thrown into dumpsters, I brought home because it was in way better condition than was my furniture, which I gave away to friends because it was still in good condition!

Y'all want to talk about government waste, well, how about getting ALL the facts straight before you go slinging around words like "ENTITLEMENTS", and focus on what the government really blows our money on!

People who have been forced to pay into social security all their lives ARE entitled to draw from the program. Maybe the system can be tweaked a little, but maybe many people are actually drawn away from the Tea Party and certain candidates in the party who run for office because they just don't understand why anyone would even consider messing with social security! 

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  • Charles -  you have the real issue - every homeless drug addict in the nation is on SS disability - I have known many in the past  . . they all have money every first of the month . . 

  • There are now so many ways of defrauding Social Security that it's not funny. How about the "disabilities"? There are many legitimate disabilities that should qualify you if you paid into it. Now we have the limp wrist groups who call anger management, obesity and other such nonsense as a legitimate disability. How about the too many to count, illegal (NOT LEGAL) residents who qualify for money from the Social Security fund they never paid a nickle into! BS. I've paid into Social Security since 1959 and am still paying. I don't have a choice if to pay or not. The GOVERNMENT steals this money (and more) from me each paycheck. They then blow it any way they want, to whoeve they want, whenever they want, in any amount they want. My response: GET A ROPE!

  • I disagree with you Buck.  Everyone that paid into it should be able to draw it.  I paid into it since I was 16 years old and I draw pretty close to the max and I deserve it no matter how much I make in retirement.  It is the millions and millions that did not pay into it that are the problem.  They should have been funded under some kind of welfare program which is what they are and not hid in Social Security.  And the current Obama practice of putting people on Social Security Disability who have run out of unemployment insurance is criminal but millions are being added illegally for this reason.  There is plenty of money for those that actually paid into the system if Congress wasn't stealing from it.  

  •    How can you cut social security and none of the benefits it provides to NEEDY retirees or the TRULY disabled  ?  Quite easily ,  set a fair income level , say 70,000 per year ,  then ANY retire , regardless of how much they paid in, making in excess of that CANNOT draw a dime , the money is just gone , like any tax or stolen funds . Thousands of retires making 70,000 thousand a year draw   it just because they can , and they DO NOT need it . Disability , same thing , obviously the system is scammed because there are MILLIONS of people drawing it that CAN do a job . Shut off the flow to the scammers . There it is , I have just saved social security AND , unfortunately , given our COMMUNIST demonrat government BILLIONS in more money to WASTE , because it would be a freezing day in hell before we the the suckers ever get it back .

  • My "entitlements" are social security and the constitution.

  • While I agree with this article I would like to submit that the 20 percent increase in all spending included in the first and only budget the Democrats created along with the stimulus packages that were rolled into continued spending giving us trillion dollar+ yearly deficits is the real and continuing problem. However Ryan in his budget blamed all the problems on entitlements not mentioning or really reducing the exorbitant  current spending and deficits. Thus establishment republicans were using that democrat creed of not letting a crisis go to waste to dump on their old bugaboo "entitlements" instead of the real present problem.  

  • Ben,

    The use the word to describe Social Security because LBJ put that "TRUST FUND" incoming receipts into the General fund, so payment to SS were then made out of the General fund - now Obama cut the workers input to the "fund" by 2% which guaranteed that the fund output would exceed it's input so therefor it is now a new expense to the general fund like welfare. It is a fraud upon the citizens like everything else the Central planing government now does. Usurped powers and they no longer even apologize for the usurpation they just say they have the power and they will use ti as they want.

    Our only defense left is this or the Jefferson solution.


  • I am on Social Security because I was knocked off of a building where I was working.  I paid into the system my whole working life.  I am also on workman's compensation du to the same injury.  I went from making $3,000 a month 21 years ago to less than $2,000 ever since.  (So I do know a little about entitlement programs.)  Most people think that Social Security is free money.  It is not.  It comes from having to put into the system from your job, which means that you were working at the time.  Workman's compensation does not come from taxpayer money, at least here in Arizona it doesn't.  It comes from the employer of the person that was working for them at the time who paid workman's compensation insurance premiums.  Just like you have to buy car insurance by paying premiums.  Insurance companies, which are a form of leaglized gambling have the odds stacked in their favor.  I'm one of the very rare cases where they have had to pay out over the long run.  I am getting the exact same amount in 2013 of $550 every 2 weeks that I started to receive in 1991 when I was injured, $550 every 2 weeks.  There is no COLA attached to it.  So my workman's comp is worth 1/3 of what it was when I first started to receive it.  Being on these programs is not something that I wanted to have happen but it did.

    But I did start to check into other programs that you could get without working.  There is not only welfare & it's cousins but also other programs that people don't talk about.  There are programs that pay farmers to have some of their land lay fallow.  Why isn't that ever brought up?  Instead of sending money to these countries, send them bread & other farm produced items & pay the American farmer instead of a country.  Any country that isn't happy with how America is, put a stop payment on their check.  If they don't like us, why would we want to give them money from a country that they don't like.  That reminds me of paying the bully at school your lunch money so that he won't beat you up.  Why hasn't this solution been brought up?

    For the illegals coming into this country, Eisenhower had no problem finding them & sending them back home.  If they are unhappy with their government, get rid of it & start their own that treats the citizen of that country fairly.  For most of our history that has worked for us, at least until President Wilson & President FDR.  That is how America came into being.  We were tired of a government that repressed us & told them to go back home.  It took 8 years but eventually it happened.  Let the illegals do the same.  If you grant them citizenship, you slap every legal immigrant in the face & spit on their shoes.  But, you never here this soultion come up.  Why is that?  And I'm not talking about just the mainstream media but in general.

    We need to look at those solutions also to put America financially back onto her own two feet.  Oh yes, and cut out any part of any bill that sends money to a particular state.  Make the federal government live by the 10th Amendment.

  • Social Security can easily be tweaked by insisting that everyone pay on EVERY dime they make, not capping it at $100k+.  Then ONLY those who paid in get anything out.  I'm sick and tired of idiot politicians giving our retirement to anyone who comes here with a hand out, looking for an American TAXPAYER handout. STOP this, now.  NO ONE get's anything out they didn't pay in and EVERYONE pays in, including unions and politicians.

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