I'm sick of people talking about entitlements. Look, social security should have never been started in the first place, but since it was the money has been forced from everyone's paycheck ever since. FORCED to pay for your future retirement!

I say the real culprits that add to our national debt are: The welfare program, The food stamp program, All the money going overseas to other nations for whatever the reason may be, and Money being wasted on any thing else that the government wants to spend our tax dollars on.

Just to name one example: I worked at Robbins Air Force Base as a construction contractor doing renovation work for about a year. You would not believe the things that were thrown away during those renovations! Over half of the furniture that would have been thrown into dumpsters, I brought home because it was in way better condition than was my furniture, which I gave away to friends because it was still in good condition!

Y'all want to talk about government waste, well, how about getting ALL the facts straight before you go slinging around words like "ENTITLEMENTS", and focus on what the government really blows our money on!

People who have been forced to pay into social security all their lives ARE entitled to draw from the program. Maybe the system can be tweaked a little, but maybe many people are actually drawn away from the Tea Party and certain candidates in the party who run for office because they just don't understand why anyone would even consider messing with social security! 

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  • Liberals are the real problem.

  • I stand corrected. Social Security should be tweaked DRASTICALLY! But what I stated in this blog was just how the general public understand it. Most people don't want to believe they are being scammed by good ol' Uncle Sam. I hope y'all don't mind if I use some of your facts in letters to my local paper and to my Representatives. I promise not to use anybody's name.

  • The funding for Social Security has not been done right for years. I worked all of my life, like most people who frequent this website. The monies we paid into it were spent as soon as they were acquired. Now Im in my late 50s, and like I mentioned before everyones financial situation is different. I had my coworkers crying that they lost half of their 401ks due to 911. I had the minimum amount going to 401k, by the advice of a good friend who had an understanding of such things. I saved a little bit of money in lowrisk funds. I tried to tell my coworkers that they were gambling with their money on the stock market, but none would listen (remember ENRON?). My personal situation is that the payment that I will receive from Social Security in a few years, in my wallet is desperately needed.  I'll tell you why: 18years of marriage and my wife (now ex) walked out on me. The corporation I worked for 2 of them went bankrupt on us. One in the 1980s the other a few years later, 1990 I believe it was. We lost our pensions. My financial situation was tight for years, child support obligations, along with trying to keep the lights on, and enough to eat to have stregnth to earn money.  Years later, my kids are adults, I paid my dues, which what I am saying I worked hard all of my life for everyone to take most of it off of me, probably have a LOT of company on this.

  • There are 150 million people drawing social security benefits in 2012. 100 Million have never paid one cent into the program! It's real simple, If you didn't pay into the program you are not entitled to draw from it.

    Call these people what they are, government welfare! Then lets relook at the spending. also be sure to never say any thing about the democrats moving the social security funds into the general funds in 1967 so LB Johnson could funded his civil rights programs. Now Obama, another democrat, has stolen $715 billion from medicare to fund his wonderful Obama care tax program.

  • Social Security is an insurance policy we were forced to pay into all of our working is not an entitlement. When you have lot's of very healthy people scamming Social Security disability and wide open borders where Illegal Aliens are sneaking across our borders and collecting Social Security , when they don't even belong in the country never mind collecting , then what we have are corrupt politicians STEALING from our insurance policy . I'm also on Medicare and I am forced to pay $104 dollars a month for it so once again take it off of the Entitlement table . Welfare, food stamps, rent subsidies , Medicaid , paying crack heads to have unwanted babies is what's killing the American taxpayer..... so Republicans get some balls and tell this to Obama and the media.

  • This makes no mention of the millions that are on Social Security that paid nothing into it.  Strip these people out and the funding problem is not near as severe for the future.  Congress has used the program as a catch-all for other social problems.  The current boob president is using it to continue unemployment insurance for those that this program has run out by putting million on Social Security Disability which is totally bogus but further destroying the program.  Their is no reality in the minds of this Communist president and the Congress on either side of the aisle.  We have let them run amuck for too long!  

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