It is easy for us to ignore, forget, or not even to know that Socialism of various types had been tried and failed prior to 1850.  In that year Karl Marx and Fredrick Engles published the "Communist Manifesto"

.  In it is a lengthy explanation why Socialism was needed.  Essentially, it formed the foundation and the building materials for Communism.  Communism was the next step in the evolution, because Socialism was not radical enough.  Both have the primary goal of taking, or being given, the means of national industry.

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  • You are right Bonnie.  However, it is difficult in our society to visualize bread lines. Socialized Medicine, and such.  We and they take everything for granted.

  • The problem today is our kids are not taught this that is why they like Sanders.  Maybe if they really knew and we as parents taught them this that socialism would not b so popular

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