So, A Muslim Sir-name

Barry Soetoro.

Barak Hussein Obama.

No Birth Certificate. TestTube Baby, LIAR, Cheat, Thief

Abuser of Animals, Women, Children, America, Armed Forces, Congress, US Supreme Court, Unborn Children, Weather, The Universe as a whole, Time, Space, Matter, The World in its entirety, Israel, Syria, Africa, All the Island nations at large, The Earth, Moon, Stars, Sky, Oceans, Earth, dirt, mud puddles, curb stops, J-Johns, fire Hydrants, Emergency Rooms, Public Restrooms, ad infinitum.

He is a Tagger with No Swagger. A lungful of puss aimed at a face near you. A commander-hand-ker-chief. Never wears a napkin, drools in his sleep. Even the very air he breaths is an abomination unto the Most High God and Planet Earth.

Using an Alias and he's our elected official of the most powerful nation in this world.

At least the other runners up for this position know who their fathers are.

The choice is clear, yet, the choice is still yours.

Choose wisely America. The last 4 years should say something within your inner ear. Everyones minds-eye should be blinking and twinkling maddly at the potential of another 4 years with this self-addict.

America can not afford another mistake like this, ever. EVER!!!!!!!!!!


Max Simon Uhrig


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  • It is a learned behavior from family and friends.  Insults turn people bitter.  Christianity teaches us to turn the other cheek and to even thank those who offend or insult us.  This results in a change of behavior and attitude for the good and that results in a more understanding life which in turn results in a positive attitude and not a negative one.  Prayer is the answer to becoming positive in spite of offenses and insults and injustice.

  • Amen my friend.

    They vote like a BIG DOG to get their (assumed) man into office, then back peddle their back sides of and deny ever going to the polls in the first place. Placing their mistake on the rest of America at large.

    They do not possess intelligence enough to respect and accept their own misgivings and errors. It is always someone else fault and blame.

    And they still consider themselves a Learned part of society.

    How may someone be such, if they disregard their own integrity and disrespect their own level of accountability, attempt to call themselves Smart, expect to be viewed as a responsibly intelligent person or race?

    Is it the DNA or RNA? Chromosome or Genetic damage, depletion, or diet?

    Or sheer plain old IGNORANCE?

    I judge not the sinner, just the sin.

    If one holds their sin to be such, that the sin itself has become a god to and within them.

    Their treasured golden calf of idle worship.

    That they take anothers recognition of the error as a slam to their personality.

    Then rest assured says the Prophets of Old: Your Sin shall find you out!

    For, taking a Stand, in and of itself, is a Judgment call, within the one taking that Stand.

    If another considers that a "Judgment against themselves", a personal attack against them, well, Shame on them for eavesdropping improperly to anothers way of thinking.

    One in this case - Judges another's judgment call.

    Even if it is within the one as "Self Preservation from the other".

    Leave well enough alone and let that dead horse lie.

    i.e. We Stand or We Fall, bottom line, UNITED!

    Thank you  my friend and fellow Patriot.










    ARIZONA,  U.S.A.

  • If it was in the cards, so to speak, that a black person should become president why didn't the black folks support Alan Keyes who would have been an unbelieveable credit to the black people.


  • Let's see . Out of a population of 17% of 314 million . I can think of these blacks that I admire and have great respect for . George Washington Carver # ! Harriet Tubman #2 . Frederick Douglas #3 Martin Luther King # 4 Clarence Thomas #5 Thomas Sowell #6 Ken Blackwell #7 Larry Elder #8 Vince Coakley #9 Tim Johnson #10 Star Parker # 11 Bill Cosby #12Herman Cain #13 My personal black friends , Roy Sinclair , Floyd Crisp , Jesse Allen , Bob Foster , Harlan Thelonius Chase Rudd Jr. Augie Augustine . The whole Suggs family from elementary school . I'm 74 yrs old and I judge a person only by his character > neve had a racist thought or bo in my body until oh'bummer came along and set race relations back 60 yrs . Us / We whiteys may have commited crimes and terribly demeaning slights against some black people , that's true and cannot be denied . BUT most crime against black people have been committed by their own and the political party the screwed them over since the civi war . My great grandfather was a judge in Boston during the civil  war . He was an abolitionist and played a part in the smuggling of escaped slaves from the south into new england and Canada . My family members fought on the side of the union thru the civil war . This is how I feel . AMERICAN BLACKS are raised in immoral and dysfunctional homes that create criminals . they have no respect for a work ethic . If you see a group of hispanics on the streetcorner in a town or city they are there hoping that someone will come aruond and offer them a job for the day . If you see a group of blacks on a street corner it's a pretty safe bet that they are selling drugs or pimping girls . If it were't for upscale white people creating jobs , building homes . manufacturing cars and clothing , raising food , making shoes . You name it . If it weren't for whitey the american black would be living the same way they do in the third world countries they came from . No job , no schools , no decent housing , no car ,no clothes , no food , no water , no shoes ,no opprtunity to entertain white armchair jocks for milions of dollars a year playing childhood games and contributing nothing to the evolution of the culture but infact draggfing the culture into the gutter with a 73% out of wedlock birthrate , murdering each other , drugs , fithy immoral music not fit for decent people to listen too . If GOd ever made a mistake it was in creating the black race . They won't follow the the examples of decent hardworking blacks that drive nice cars . live in decent upscale houses and have moved their mentality into the white mans world . We do not lock out worthy people  because of their color . IT'S ALL ABOUT CHARACTER . The flash mobs and knockout and rob games of gangs of blacks on whites is going to turn around and bite you folks in the ass like you wouldn't believe .

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