4063720869?profile=original                  Why did McCain Presidential Campaign Silence Palin discussion 

                                on Rev. Wright and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers?

When truth is prevented from ever reaching the ears of the American public during a presidential campaign the consequences can often be tragic. Consider the case of the 2008 mainstream media cover up and strict avoidance of Obama’s long time connection to Black Nationalist minister Jeremiah Wright and his firebrand racist comments. The media shackled the truth and allowed then U.S. Senator Obama to skate all the way to his election as president.

What is even worse was former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin’s recent revelation that the John McCain presidential campaign actually banned her from talking about Rev. Jeremiah Wright or anarchist Bill Ayers. Think about the repercussions of how an informed American public could have at least had the opportunity to discuss as well as evaluate this information with the fullness a vice presidential candidate’s focus would have offered.

Typically it is the vice presidential candidate who is given the task to reveal the underbelly of the opposition’s campaign and bring attention to issues that a presidential candidate seeks to avoid discussing.

But instead of engaging in a fully spirited public campaign discussion that would have given Sarah Palin the ability to point out these glaring inconsistencies she was silenced. She is right to be appalled. The nation needed to see a presidential campaign question how a former community organizer from Chicago’s south side managed to have his state senate campaign launched in the living room of the co-founder of the violent anti-war group Weather Underground.

The nation needed a Republican presidential campaign demand the details on how Obama embraced the racist-laden preaching of Rev. Wright. Instead, Palin was forced to stand on the sidelines and watch the McCain campaign throw the towel in without even a whisper.

What this did in effect is to undermine the ability as well as the intelligence of the American people to make a determination to evaluate the fitness of a presidential candidate who offered shadowy explanations for his past record of radical and socialist associations.

The mainstream media was given a pass by the John McCain campaign to not look deeper into Obama’s past associations because they wanted to write a narrative that was actually race-based. McCain campaign appeared to not want the truth about a known radicalized element in Obama’s past; because it would somehow upset the voters he was seeking to convert to support his election as president.

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  • Why was she muzzled?  The power boys in the back room did not want McCain to be elected because he would not have followed their hidden agenda to collapse the U.S. in order to bring it under control of the One World Government people.  Those being the organizations that none of the media (both conservative and liberal media) talk about.  These organizations run the country.  They wanted a man in the White House that they could control to do exactly what they want, i.e., to push their agenda.  President Obama was the PERFECT CANDIDATE to do their bidding.  He was groomed for the job for years and they paved the way forward for him to be elected.  Once elected they could RAPIDLY move their ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT agenda forward without any problems.  The bottom line is their attitude of to heck with the will of the people or sanctity of the Constitution.  As always citizens must never believe what they say but always watch what they do because they will do the opposite of what they say.  Recently, I have heard noises about how much they want to help the middle class.  Translated that means they are going to put the screws to the middle class.  Remember the noise about how the U.S. would not be involved in nation building and there are so many other noises that have hurt our ears and our pocket books.  They will always do the opposite of what they say!  You can take that to the bank.  Abe Lincoln stated that you can't fool the people all of the time.  Back in those days the folks had not been brainwashed by the liberal school systems we have today.  They did not believe in socialism and other such nonsense so they could only be fooled once not over and over again and again as we the people have experienced for 100 years.  WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

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