4063640320?profile=original                     Detroit receives $100 million financial bailout from Obama


It seems that with a federal government on the brink of a shut-down and not a dime in sight to help balance the budget, President Obama still found millions for bankrupt Detroit. According to Fox News, the Obama administration has uncovered $100 million for fiscally beleaguered City of Detroit as a way of helping the city cope with mounting financial woes.

It appears that Christmas did come a bit early for the citizens of Detroit after learning that miracle of miracles the kitchen cabinet was not bare after all. This takes on an even more serious note, because Obama and his economic and political apologists like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had been insisting that, “There are no more cuts to make.”

Yet hiding in within the administration’s coffers was $100 million of taxpayer dollars that were not flowing to its intended funding obligations. It certainly does shore up the GOP claims in the House by its leaders, that Obama has no intention on coming clean with the House or with the American people when it comes to where dollars are spent, unspent or hidden from the public.

But there is a deeper more insidious issue which does rise above the mist of open deceit and that is whether or not, cities like Detroit with is $18 billion plus deficit and other urban cities teetering on the brink of insolvency like Chicago, New York, Washington D.C. and several in California including Los Angeles will be granted these $100 million paydays once, twice or many times.


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  • Can anyone tell me how I can get a 100 million to build an Observatory and 100 inch telescope. Not joking. Rev. Christine.

  • NOOOOO!!!!!
  • NO!!!!   They made their own mess.  Let them wallow in it.  Give them money and they'll either steal it or p*ss it away.

  • I think I agree with every comment I have read!  Right on!  They helped to elect this monster for president, they have voted for Demonrats over and over, their own greed and their unions did this - not the rest of America.  Has Oblamer allowed help to any of the red states when they have had disasters?  Disasters not of their own making?  No.  He shows up in campaign mode and makes a lot of promises for the cameras, but all for show - no action! 

  • "Obama he need to bring home the bacon"  "Our People" overwhelmingly voted for Obama, now he need to do something for us. I mean beside the free housing and the food stamps and the junker program and the Obamaphone, and the .........

  • No they made the mess let them clean it up. but we have a guy in the white house that just wants to sink us deeper and deeper. He really needs to be stopped now not later.

  • Well I think I removed my reply some how? BUT NO an HELL NO to the City's that are BLUE BLUE BLUE an VOTE In these RATS over an over

    again. They will never LEARN until they SUFFER the results. Enabling the Rats to STEAL an line their

    own pockets proves itself if people would just look. Most large cities full of POOR an MINORITY'S that vote in RATS get what they Voted for higher Taxes an Corrupt Rats. Bail them out an it just ENABLES them to continue with their POOR PRINCIPLES sick of it!~

  • 50 gallons of gasoline and matches would do the trick

  • Well there was the matter of 67M missing from the obamacare slush fund.

  • NO.

    The liberal progressive democrat machine caused the rot NOT We the People.

    Let those who wrecked it repair it. Unions!!! . . . . lets see YOU fix this mess.

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