4063640320?profile=original                     Detroit receives $100 million financial bailout from Obama


It seems that with a federal government on the brink of a shut-down and not a dime in sight to help balance the budget, President Obama still found millions for bankrupt Detroit. According to Fox News, the Obama administration has uncovered $100 million for fiscally beleaguered City of Detroit as a way of helping the city cope with mounting financial woes.

It appears that Christmas did come a bit early for the citizens of Detroit after learning that miracle of miracles the kitchen cabinet was not bare after all. This takes on an even more serious note, because Obama and his economic and political apologists like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had been insisting that, “There are no more cuts to make.”

Yet hiding in within the administration’s coffers was $100 million of taxpayer dollars that were not flowing to its intended funding obligations. It certainly does shore up the GOP claims in the House by its leaders, that Obama has no intention on coming clean with the House or with the American people when it comes to where dollars are spent, unspent or hidden from the public.

But there is a deeper more insidious issue which does rise above the mist of open deceit and that is whether or not, cities like Detroit with is $18 billion plus deficit and other urban cities teetering on the brink of insolvency like Chicago, New York, Washington D.C. and several in California including Los Angeles will be granted these $100 million paydays once, twice or many times.


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  • Don't any of you realise, Obama is above the law. He has all his appointees in all the right places. Well planned out to take this country down. From the Justice Dept. to the Supreme court, all his minions to do his bidding, and WE THE PEOPLE are going to be left with what's left. Minarets on every street corner. Make sure you answer the call to prayer, you might be rounded up for a FEMA camp after he declares martial law! 

  • Detroit was ruined by crooked politicians, It all happened when all the African americans started to run the city. How many years ago till present? Kwame and all his ilk! No money for them,  They have wasted enough of the taxpayers hard earned money, might just take an armored car full of cash and flush it down the toilet!

  • We should ask the lady.. should GM or the city pay 2.50 an hour USD to help them? The corruption is absolute! Detroit is a MOB town and we all know this. Chicago is Obama's town, and a MOB town! I only see one thing.. you may not know the connections but it is CIA/International MOB supported by our own MOB. Why? If you think about it.. JFK is now put to rest.. the MOB and CIA took him out! But that did not work. They had to take Bobby out who was investigating them and had their bodies in a dead cast by proofs! Our large unions are doing this to America! I am a member of one of the largest and know the MOB connections! We have to admit to one thing, it is lack of facts as our children grow! Whether they end up working for the US MOB or anyone! We should of taken the MOB down then, but when LBJ took office after JFK, all investigation stopped or was hidden!

  • She is either supporting irresponsible government or is full misinformed! It is totally an attack on America and her citizens and the woman is either in denial or a racist! The Feds already bailed out GM and the Democrats are the ones that allowed NAFTA! If we look at facts, heaven forbid, China and Mexico got our jobs from GM! There was a documentary on the result! 2 girls working for GM in Mexico lived in a tin shack! They supported a Mother who lived with them! They were stuggling with food and just to live. So where did the money go that GM was saving by hiring cheap labor? It went to the Communists government! Mexico was just used as a helper and the people suffered. You can bet the Liberal media allows the wrong people to be accused falsely! Note that those are the ones that work hard to grow a business for customers and are the evil ones! 

    The union said what? Oh, it is a support of Marxism is basically what was supported by them after only 2 weeks of rejection of the Clinton signature! So they stopped their complaints! But who got our money?

  • Who in the Hxll do you think is going to stop king o.........unless WE THE PEOPLE DO! Bring On The  Scarecrow, Blood On The Plow!!!!

  • No, Detroit should receive $100 Trillion. 

    Then Obama can give it to the muslims.

  • Throwing good money on top of bad money.  They made their bed, let them lie in it and find it within themselves to rebuild their city.  Throwing money on a trashheap will do nothing to change it!

  •  You know I dont see what little different `100 million would do to a city that has a huge unfunded liability . they will only need another bail out in less than a year 

  • No federal money to Detroit. The same black welfare pimps and crooked political swindlers who destroyed the city will devour sny money before it ever hits the hands of worthy small businesses or legitimately needy people it is supposedly intended for! 

  • no moron,you take care of your city,not waste the money on mismanagement.screw you and Detroit.who allowed this city to get like this in the first place.not with we the peoples tax onies.you want to bail out Detroit.then you pay for it,with your own monies,not taxpayers monies

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