4063586455?profile=originalWhen President Obama decided to announce in May his embrace of gay marriage he opened the gate for his political sideline gay supporters and liberal like-minded non-profit funders to weed out organizations that support traditional family values. They zeroed their targets on the Boy Scouts, because of its refusal to cave in to the demands of liberals and gay activists to change their traditional values and biblically-based beliefs.

This was not unique for the organization to stand firm on its 100 plus year-old legacy. In fact it took a June 28th, 2000 "Boy Scouts of America et al. v. Dale" decision from the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the Boy Scouts of America’s right of freedom of association . The decision sanctioned the group’s right to set its own standards for both membership as well as leadership.

But with a wink and a nod from President Obama’s embrace of gay marriage in May of this year, the liberal gay activists were emboldened to decimate the Boy Scouts’ legal Supreme Court constitutionally supported rights. They moved with all deliberate speed to defund organizations, and set their eyes on Cleveland, Ohio’s 100 year old plus organization.

On Tuesday, September 25th, the United Way of Greater Cleveland notified the Greater Cleveland Council of the Boy Scouts of America (GCC) that their $97,251 funding was going to be stripped. This vindictive action would affect 16,000 youth that are served in Cuyahoga and Summit Counties in the Cleveland area, according to the GCC.

Not only that, but, this defunding would critically and adversely, affect the lives of 1,500 at risk low income children in the City of Cleveland, admitted Boy Scout program aide Wardell Cooper, to WKYC-TV News, on Tuesday, September 25th. Cooper, himself, has increased Boy Scout participation in his area of Cleveland from 9 scouts to dozens. That translates into dozens of kids with new hope, who are off of the street and involved in constructive community activities.

The overriding mandated objective of the gay rights agenda is crystal clear to parents of boy scouts and to their supporters. To receive funding, the organization must both abandon their moral principles and adopt the new liberal order or the funder will decimate the children’s future… constitution or no constitution. So there you have it, As of June 30th, 2013, the United Way of Greater Cleveland will eliminate and potentially decimate the opportunity of children, and especially those in many Cleveland urban neighborhoods.

Where are the civil rights advocates from the churches and from the neighborhoods and from the state or the nation who will fight for the children who were engaged in decent law abiding activities? Certainly no support will be forthcoming from the NAACP.

The NAACP has already been bought and sold and peddled their credibility down the river. This summer the organization’s 64-member board adopted a resolution to support gay marriage and tie it to rights guaranteed blacks by the 14th Amendment. So as one can see, the children do not have an advocate in an organization that has sold the children’s future out for 30 pieces of silver from Obama and his gay rights supporters.

But this is the time for parents and advocates of constitutionally protected freedom of association to stand firm! They have to support not only these young boy scouts, but all children who are being forced 

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  • Stand up and stay strong!

  • I am so glad the scouts are standing true to the TRUE AMERICAN STANDARD! The new American standard is to placate the homosexuals. Well fair is that they are allowed to live among us un bothered. What is perverse is anyone thinking that a law should be placed to unsurp our Godly American heritage!

    that is just going toooooooo far. Protect them from violence and basic descrimination nothing more than any normal person or situation.

  • This is sooo darn sad that ANY AMERICAN would think it is right to pass a law that is so absolutely

    against the God our nation was founded under!!! You people should be ashamed to show your faces.


  • The United Way -- at least, by that name -- didn't exist until 1963.  The Boy Scouts of America have been around since 1910.

    The Scouts will manage without the United Way -- or the queers.

    Ed Watts -- Eagle Scout, 1967

  • It would be better for ANY Boy Scout group to lose funds of the United Way than to capitulate to their homosexual agenda to force scouts country wide to take on homosexual members.

    In my own childhood Scout Troop, two of my best friends were homosexual. What they did between themselves was confusing and immoral from a current perspective. We never talked about these things back then because this was not out in the open. I can't see forcing ANY troop to have homosexuals among young vulnerable youth. Why not have girls sleeping with boys in those tents? Would there be any difference? I beg not. My friends hit on me and others to take part in their playing around. Having a bunch of young boys sleeping together on camp-outs in a heterosexual/ homosexual environment is a disaster waiting to happen. Although we cannot judge each other, this is a combination of sexualities that do not belong together in a scouting environment. Give up the funds, God always provides... have faith in HIM!

  • I will not give to united way ever again and if all the people that did give to them stop now,maybe they will get the message we are fed up with this gay crap being forced down us.
  • What a bunch of crap. The pepole that are behind this need the light of day shown on them . Names and faces.

  • Get your damn hands off our kids Obama.
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