4063605399?profile=originalWith the continuing furor erupting concerning the highly partisan nature displayed by Candy Crowley during the second presidential debate, the real question has evaded the American voter.  Who is truly responsible for acts of journalistic misconduct and what should be done when a debate moderator decides to go rogue, as Crowley did in favoring Obama?


The Commission on Presidential Debates is the organization which sponsors the presidential and vice presidential debates and it claims that these debates will be conducted in “a professional and nonpartisan manner.”  What happens when the journalist moderator interjects herself into the debate, in order to blunt a candidate’s momentum, as Crowley did to republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney?


Presidential Debate Commission Rules:

(c) With respect to all questions...

(iv) The moderator will not ask follow-up questions or comment on either the questions asked by the audience or the answers of the candidates during the debate or otherwise intervene in the debate except to acknowledge the questioners from the audience or enforce the time limits,

Crowley deliberately and intentionally broke the agreed upon rules, and decided as Obama has decided during the course of his administration, that rules don’t apply and the ends justify the means.

So, what recourse do the American people have when a journalist is selected who openly ignores the rules in conducting the debate and in comments leading up to the debate?  What happens when the journalist moderator interjects herself into the debate, in order to blunt a candidate’s momentum, as Crowley did to republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney?


The easy answer is to say; simply that Republicans and GOP candidates who are the favorite targets of biased coverage in the mainstream media should just grit their teeth and bare it.  But that is not what the American public needs to see or should have to endure.  If a presidential debate commission purports to field “unbiased reporters” who are going to be fair and balanced moderators, then failing to do so should result in a penalty, and or permanent suspension of the reporter and their affiliated network from future participation in debates.


According to the national Verified Voting Foundation, in 2012 there are approximately 180,802,372 registered voters in America.  Voters are entitled to see a debate that is free from a moderator who appears to purposely steer a debate, to benefit the incumbent president Obama. Crowley’s behavior becomes even more suspect when one considers that Obama was increasingly losing ground to the republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Did CNN senior political reporter Candace Crowley conduct herself in a professional and nonpartisan manner?  Examine her earlier statement, when she announced that she would evade and ignore the professional rules of journalistic conduct, and inject herself into the presidential debate if and when she saw fit. So one has to question, who judges the moderators when moderators declare that they are above the rules as Crowley did?


It’s possible that the American people can supply the answer. ( Read More )

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  • Why ; is this , even a question  ?

  • My question is why did Obama say bring up the transcript? Did he know beforehand the question would be asked? Something to think about.
  • They are all in the tank for obama. Fire the bitch!

  • She should be banned and they should find better qualified persons for the moderator of major debates.

  • The relationship displayed by Obama and Crowley was an embarrasment to the United States and the the profession of Journalism.  Obama pleading help from Candy was disgusting to watch.  I have no respect for either of them and Michelle Obama for clapping for lies foisted upon we the pepole.  Unfortunatel, I don't think CNN will do anything like sanction, or issue an apology, and I will continue to to watch anything on CNN.

  • oh....are you kidding me...of course she should, but she wont....she is a lib, and supports obama...but if she supported romney, she would have been crucified. another thing that really gets to me, is she was a moderator, not the third debator..so romney was actually debating her and obama...and how did obama know that she had the transcripts on what obama had said?????

  • She was working for the Democrats and was most likly told to support bho

  • Fine her $50,000 and FIRE her for her misconduct!

  • I think she did this intentionally to help her Pal, obama.

    She deserves to be fired.

  • Penalize her??

    How about docking 1/2 the pay she got or doing the moderator bit.

    Maybe dock her the total pay.

    Its an example how the main strean media protects this half whit when he's loosing bad.
    Obama IS the worst president we have ever had.

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