4063600920?profile=originalWhen America as a nation is strong its leaders do not have to resort to distortion, distraction, deception, or vulgarity to convey the strength and integrity of the nation’s principles. Yet, as the election winds down, and Mitt Romney gains political ground, Hollywood and its race baiting actors like Samuel L. Jackson are out pandering to liberals and minorities. Their transparent goal is to convince Obama followers to ignore the reality of President Obama’s economic failures and continuing foreign policy cover up.

The Obama campaign has resorted to using a child in a vulgar Hollywood Romney attack ad to encourage the president’s supporters to vote. It is using a child uttering profanity in a Hollywood ad called "Wake The F**K Up", to defend a failed presidency and incite Obama supporters. Is this the hope and change Obama was referring to in April 2008, when he spoke of a “New America” in his hope and change speech.

It is no secret that Americans are suffering, and have 23 million out of work, underpaid or have given up looking for work. It is no sudden revelation that upwards of 46 million Americans are on food stamps and the nation’s seniors will suffer from $716 billion being ripped from the budget to finance Obamacare.

The Obama White House refuses to explain to America how the administration has managed to leave the nation abysmally worse off than when it came into office. Instead, the Obama campaign has decided to sink to an unimaginable low. It uses a child and an actor to scare voters into accepting this type of low brow presidential incumbent tactics.

Is this how desperate a president will go to depart from the honor and dignity of a President Washington, Lincoln, Eisenhower, or Reagan? Would any one of these presidents ever consider using an actor or a child muttering profanities to defend their record, their work, or their presidency?

Yet, Obama and his campaign seem to feel quite comfortable at allowing Jackson to use his thug-like bulging eyed persona to inflame voters into action. Somehow Jackson seems to feel that his well crafted movie hooligan behavior, which he perfected in movies like, Jungle Fever, Pulp Fiction, and Shaft, will encourage his minority audience and guilt-ridden white liberals to vote for Obama. Jackson’s sham is based upon Obama supporters believing that he’s the real deal when it comes to knowing what’s good for minorities and Americans in general.

Well, if this Hollywood actor, whose own personal worth according to Celebrity Networth is in the neighborhood of $150 million, can feel your economic desperation and daily anguish, why does he hide behind a child? Why does he need to use a young girl as his vehicle for defending Obama?

The answer is clear. Liberals and Hollywood’s information-challenged aristocracy love to wield racism as a mallet against republicans. Obama’s campaign embraces a time perfected Chicago-style smear and fear campaign approach, where using anything and anyone, even a child is permissible.

In fact Obama forecast his own 2012 campaign behavior in 2008, ( Read More )

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  • William the ignorant ones are the ones who make stupid comments that you are racist. I would ignore those moron's. They think it will shut us up BUT they need to think twice because it doesn't work anymore. 

  • I am appalled but not SURPRISED.  Over the weekend I responded to a FB comment.  Little did I realize that within 2 posts by the leftist individual, they would be calling me Racist, UnAmerican and Ignorant, among some other things.  As a the person was a lawyer I would have expected some restraint to aviod any defamation issues.  I agreee I did say our President was complicit in the death of our ambassador and a Marxist Socialist, but that is evident in his policies.  I also commented on the Hitler of Iran and the appoligist in Chief.  In typical responce from the leftist, I was again told I was Un-American.  This was after I responded that I had served our country in the United States Navy for 26 years.  The person continued their attack until I deecided to just cutoff responding.  I did in  fact spend 26 in the USN and rose to the pinicle of the enlisted structure as an E-9 and a Command Master Chief Petty Officer.  My last sea command, I worked directly for a 4 stripper, Black, Commanding Officer.  Rotating ashore I served in an extremely diverse command with males, females and a variety of ethnic groups.  I  wonder how I ever made this a successful career as a Racist who is Un-American.  As I review the posts and videos I pray for all my Brothers and Sisters in Arms and I particularly pray for the safety of my Black compatriots.  Watch your back my Brother and Sister.  And, BTW I'm just an ordinary white guy with friends acrosss the spectrim, who worries about my children, my grand children, my fellow Americans and my Country.  God Bless and Protect the USA   

  • Case closed!  This video is perfect evidence that the Liberals want to drag us all into the gutter.  They are so stupid for making and posting such a moronic, low class, display as this, and to believe it will lead moral people to vote for their side.  Wait a minute.... Maybe the GOP did this ... hummm.

  • Any person, especially a male, who would use this to benefit his political agenda is no different than those who abuse children sexually. If a young girl who had been abused and/or raped was subject to this sickness I know the pain she would be reminded of would come to the fore.

    Samuel, you are no different than a rapist.

  • This not only is extremely wrong and brain washes children...it is totally disgusting to have a child be a part of such trash! To me that is a form of child abuse and those involved should be jailed.  All this does is show the public how terribly desperate the obama team is.  This is about as low as one goes and I have seen dirty politics but NEVER have they included children.  SHAME ON THE DEMOCRATS AND SHAME ON THE OBAMA TEAM!  Is this what you want to represent and impress your children...fear mongering and bullying? What a poor class of individuals to do this.

  • ANYBODY with a last name of jackson that I've seen so far that are black are all racist "GARS!" No, not cigars either. Look at jessie, he's racist. michael was just plan nuts.  samual is a lowlife, scum sucking, hollywood racist who thinks he's better than everyone else. All they want is money and they don't care what color they are, including the black man. But, just like woopie they are RACIST!

  • This is the most over the top add I have ever seen. Its wrong and basically ALL LIES, but hay why am I surprised Its Obama's campaign politics front and center people. Miss direction from the real issues like Failed Economics and a Failed Foreign policy and a -0- energy policy and that's the reason why gas is almost unaffordable. Hollywood could do more good for this country by paying down the debt instead of filming a 5 minute add full of lies.

  • I just sent the following to the Atlanta Falcons HQ.  I recommend you send a similar letter as well.

    Atlanta Falcons Management --
      Cc: NFL HQ

    I see Samuel L. Jackson is a promotional representative of the Atlanta Falcons.  I know that your organization has very high and admirable standards regarding respect for all peoples -- children in particular.  Is this a person you wish to have representing your organization exploiting a child shouting profanity in an Internet ad?  What effect will this have on the Falcons organization's image by association?

    [Official] Samuel L Jackson " WAKE THE **** UP " Barack Obama Ad
    YouTube Video, runtime 4:43

    As a retired institutional and corporate marketing and public relations director, I would be extremely concerned as blogs are already strongly objecting to this ad and Mr. Jackson's association as an Atlanta Falcons representative is being referenced.  I thought you would want to know, as I certainly would have when I was working in the business.
    Best regards to a great organization!
    [city, state]

  • But wait!

    This the beloved culture of Liberal progressive America . . . .

    embrace the most vile, obscene, black filth and give it a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!

    Not only have we been pushed to the precipice of economic failure, we have placed our children in a cauldron of boiling stupidity and ignorance only useful as political fodder.



  • Outrageous!  There are no words to describe the filth and hateful speech of this ad.  Where are the parents of this young girl? Are they giving their permission for this?  The lies, lies, lies and vulgar language show the true liberal!

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