4063600920?profile=originalWhen America as a nation is strong its leaders do not have to resort to distortion, distraction, deception, or vulgarity to convey the strength and integrity of the nation’s principles. Yet, as the election winds down, and Mitt Romney gains political ground, Hollywood and its race baiting actors like Samuel L. Jackson are out pandering to liberals and minorities. Their transparent goal is to convince Obama followers to ignore the reality of President Obama’s economic failures and continuing foreign policy cover up.

The Obama campaign has resorted to using a child in a vulgar Hollywood Romney attack ad to encourage the president’s supporters to vote. It is using a child uttering profanity in a Hollywood ad called "Wake The F**K Up", to defend a failed presidency and incite Obama supporters. Is this the hope and change Obama was referring to in April 2008, when he spoke of a “New America” in his hope and change speech.

It is no secret that Americans are suffering, and have 23 million out of work, underpaid or have given up looking for work. It is no sudden revelation that upwards of 46 million Americans are on food stamps and the nation’s seniors will suffer from $716 billion being ripped from the budget to finance Obamacare.

The Obama White House refuses to explain to America how the administration has managed to leave the nation abysmally worse off than when it came into office. Instead, the Obama campaign has decided to sink to an unimaginable low. It uses a child and an actor to scare voters into accepting this type of low brow presidential incumbent tactics.

Is this how desperate a president will go to depart from the honor and dignity of a President Washington, Lincoln, Eisenhower, or Reagan? Would any one of these presidents ever consider using an actor or a child muttering profanities to defend their record, their work, or their presidency?

Yet, Obama and his campaign seem to feel quite comfortable at allowing Jackson to use his thug-like bulging eyed persona to inflame voters into action. Somehow Jackson seems to feel that his well crafted movie hooligan behavior, which he perfected in movies like, Jungle Fever, Pulp Fiction, and Shaft, will encourage his minority audience and guilt-ridden white liberals to vote for Obama. Jackson’s sham is based upon Obama supporters believing that he’s the real deal when it comes to knowing what’s good for minorities and Americans in general.

Well, if this Hollywood actor, whose own personal worth according to Celebrity Networth is in the neighborhood of $150 million, can feel your economic desperation and daily anguish, why does he hide behind a child? Why does he need to use a young girl as his vehicle for defending Obama?

The answer is clear. Liberals and Hollywood’s information-challenged aristocracy love to wield racism as a mallet against republicans. Obama’s campaign embraces a time perfected Chicago-style smear and fear campaign approach, where using anything and anyone, even a child is permissible.

In fact Obama forecast his own 2012 campaign behavior in 2008, ( Read More )

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  • More low-life filth that needs locked up, mostly for being so damn ignorant. Leave Children out of this Racist BS. Exploiting young Girls is a criminal offense, Jackson. And is your Muslim leader Obama really worth this much to your freeloading scum sucking ass? Get a life Jackson, if you can, you lack any type of talent as it is.

  • You'll notice that all the people he's ging his message too are white . On top of that most are very young white girls . Black men takr grear pride in bringing white women down to their level and the younger the better . The language he uses is common among blacks and used regularly in black homes by both sexes . What a wonderful race of people . How much they've brought onto our society . Do you remember when our young people had moral heros and virginal young women ? No more it's immoral rap music and young women who begin sex lives with multiple partners while in thier early teens . The blacks are the bad apple that spoils the barrel . Just look at our educational system since schools were integrated . What a mess . Why do people find it so easy to lower themselves and so hard to raise the bar .

  • This is not only a lie but disgusting filth but then if not using foul language then how might the low life dems get the word out to the dummies.

  • I couldn't watch the whole thing.  Its a sad day in America when trash like this is OK w/a President of the United States. Shows what kind of man he is. Classless, w/out morals and an insult to this country. Jackson, shame on you to. You have just proven the trash you are. BTW are you paying your fair share w/those  million you have? Do you have skin in the game?  It would be interesting to see if you use all the in' s & out's to keep as much as you can or do you pay more so that you have skin in the game OR are you a hypocrite like your buddy OBummer????? Because he certainly doesn't pay his fair share, he kept as much as he could and NO LESS. So you BS'ers can take your BS & shove it up your A**'S.  You are worthless scum that America can do w/out. Using a child in your classless pathetic BS ad is proof you are a person of no morals and a poor excuse for a man. Since OBummer has been in the WH Racism and Immorality has risen so high and it's a sad time in America. Our forefathers must be disgusted with us as they see this great country being driven into a hell 


  • As I tell people don't go to there movies(boycot). I was done with that actor a long time ago. This goes for all of them. i.e.  The one's that bad mouth this country and support the fraud that takes up space in the white house. If we dont see their movies they dont make any money. I do not patronize any un-American business.

  • This question should be asked from the pulpits.

    ex animo


  • sorry samuel, I used to watch your movies, but not any more.

    this is so sad that America allows sh!@T like yours to be on tv.

    you people are heading for a third world country.

    I recall years ago, I was playing in a world amateur golf tournament at Myrtle Beach,

    I was paired with a South African Diplomat who stated that if a black man is ever voted

    to be POTUSA, he will destroy America. such is happening.

    and , everything your ads are doing is destroying America furthur.

    this is sooo sad that America has come to this.

    we have senators,congressman/women that are absolutely destroying America.

    these assholes do not know how to lead a cow to water.

    they get a degree and without thinking first, I need to serve my country by entering into

    my choice of my countries military services. serve your country first.

    but you assholes have NO! patriotisim, but you can sit there and tell us what is best for us when you

    do no include your self, "OBAMACARE'

    you bunch of assholes are absolutely the problem in America!!!

    all of you know that "obama" is a fraud, but you have no balls to push it forward.

    you had rather sit and watch a great country go down the tube, and make the tax payers believe that you ARE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    well , the party is over, in Nov. 6th, hopefully obama will be gone.

    we will remember ALL of you when the REVOLUTION starts. and the medical revolution also.

    we are tired of ALL the lies from the FDA and the NIH and to include ALL forms of our government.

    just as they did that italian dictator  Mussolini and his mistress.

    this is sooo sad to think that this is happening in America, and my g'babies will not have the great America to live in that I have had.

    I hope that I live to be able to participate in the ressurection of MY AMERICA for future generations.

    old sarge,'nam vet,'68,'70


  •      Ford the only U.S. automaker to refuse the bailout ,madee more than G.M. and Chrysler combined after the bail out, but G.M. relocated to China from the U.S. after the bailouts so WHO SENT THE JOBS TO CHINA AFTER HE FINANCED  G.M.

  • Boycot Samuel Jackson Movies NOW.

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