The other day I was watching one of my religious shows, "Light of the Southwest", and the guest that day was Walid Shoebat( Walid is an ex-terrorist member of Hamas and now spends his time using his former knowledge to try to warn America of Islamist activity here on our soil.

What he presented that day in these videos made my hair stand on end, my blood pressure to rise, and stirred an anger in me I never felt before!! Unbelievable!

If your sitting down and have your seatbelt on, dare to watch this show. It's 2hrs long, so if needed save the link so you can watch it all! Everyone in America needs to see this, so please pass it on to your Congressman, Senator, friends and enemies.


Chris Welch

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  • It should scare us as a christian nation into a unified front to confront the Obamanation and defeat them BEFORE there is a "cleansing" in our beloved country! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your fellow citizens "it is time" to unite and speak with one voice! It will take time, money and guts but we CAN take our country back! VOTE THE SELF-SERVING SOCIALIST BUMS OUT!
  • I did not ask you about his speaking talents, I am asking about your thoughts about you r thoughs on what he presented?
  • Yes, he is a very intelligent speaker!
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