Kitty Werthmann is a WW2 survivor. She is 87 years old and is President of the South Dakota Eagle Forum. Werthmann lived under Nazi rule through the war, and strongly feels the need to warn Americans about the horrors of Socialism. Werthmann said that Adolf Hitler spoke just like an American politician Barack Hussein Obama.

She says: When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny, but when the government fears the people, that’s Liberty!!




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  • Let’s pray for America. 6-18-14.



    Dear Father, we thank you for your guidance and ask you to give all Christian the wisdom to seek the truth” the truth shall make us free” (John 8:32.

    Father, let us not make the same mistake; Hitler began his Nazi party in Germany, modeling it on Mussolini’s Fascism. As with Fascism, thousands of Jews joined the Nazi party before the War, helping Hitler to gain total power, but eventually the Jews were targeted as Hitler and his Nazi party took over in Germany, killing millions of Jews and Christians.

    Father give us the wisdom and courage to stop the demise of our Christians faith; Today, many Christians accept and even vote for socialist governments. They pray that God will support and guide the socialist leaders, under the wrong assumption that we are called to do so by God, though all the signs are that the government hates God and hate His people! Obama is prime examples of this hatred. Barak Obama is the worst enemy of Christians, as he blatantly destroys Christian teaching.

    Father we are being divided by evil, many pious Christians go on to rebuke other Christians who will not accept or support the evil Obama government, saying that God demands that they give such support. Lord we know that this is a gross misperception, if not a sin.

    Lord give us the courage to stand united as brothers and sisters to fight for our God given rights our U.S. Constitution and the rule of God’s law, not man’s tyrannical laws. This United States is “one nation under God with justice and liberty for all”. Romans 8.  Owe no man anything, but to love one another: for he that loved another hath fulfilled the law.

    Thank you Lord, for making your will clear and give us the courage to fight this corrupt, tyrannical system of government. God is love, In God we trust; America is God’s country.


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