"Cheer Up, Angle, You
Can Always Serve as a Bad Example."
You’d think a Nevada conservative would understand the wisdom of “playing one’s cards close to the vest,” but Sharon Angle has shown herself the worst of all political fish, the “Large-Mouthed Loser.” Thanks to the endorsement of the presumably liberal-leaning TEA **Party Express, Angle emerged from the back of the pack of Republicans without any serious vetting and was left standing to take on Harry Reid, a wily old political veteran, and one of the most corrupt and evil men in America.
So now it comes down to corrupt, evil and politically saavy vs. stupid and loud-mouthed . . . Harry’s a shoo-in. Count on it, Reid will get at least 55% of the vote. You heard the deplorable news here first . . . . Rajjpuut has for a year now, warned of the utter inanity of TEA Party generated candidates taking on other Conservatives and Democrats.
Rajjpuut was most proud of the TEA Party when they came into a contest where the Republican lady candidate had received over $1 Million in G.O.P. funds although she was far to the left of her Democratic opponent in a conservative upper New York state race. The lady in question dropped out the weekend before the election and asked that all her supporters back the Democratic candidate (she had only 5% backing at that moment). The last-minute conservative candidate the TEA Party had backed against her not only denied her the easy win, he came within four percent of winning the election. This was the same night when they also played a key role in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts.
First of all, politics is all about money. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party are experts at pulling in political favors and political dollars, the TEA Party has no expertise. Secondly, the TEA Party showed its clout back in November, 2009, when it just stayed in the background and played the part of Kingmaker rather than running their own TEA Party candidates. That was the model to be followed, educating, arousing interest and fiscal and constitutional awareness, choosing the most suitable of the candidates from the major parties. And if NO suitable candidate was available, then running a TEA party candidate.
Thirdly, and most importantly, Rajjpuut has repeatedly bemoaned the surprising fact that having created the best news along freedom lines since the Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution . . . the TEA Party doesn’t know how to leverage their “Contract from America.” In fact the TEA Party has largely let the Contract from America lie fallow.
Let us use loud-mouthed, foolish and possibly criminally stupid Sharon Angle in Nevada as a bad example and see what we can learn from her . . .
Did Ms. Angle obey Rajjpuut’s dictates and concentrate on Barack Obama’s and Harry Reid’s attack upon our Constitution, our wallets, and our children’s future? NO, NO and more NO.
Did Ms. Angle educate and inform the Nevada citizenry about the Contract from America’s ten key points and mention that she'd signed it? Absolutely NOT.
Did Ms. Angle mention abortion? Yes, she did.
Did Ms. Angle shoot off her mouth about things that are easily distorted and destroyed in sound bites (her stance on Medicare, Social Security, etc.??? Yes, like a total idiot, she did while avoiding the mention of the Contract from America, planks which besides every other benefit, are all easily dealt with in sound-bite -sized bits.
Does Ms. Angle still have a chance? Probably not, she’s shown herself remarkably stupid and utterly ineffectual so far. However, IF she were to start over and do as Rajjpuut recommended all along and educate the populace about the Contract from America which she’s hopefully signed and to frame all questions as responses taken only from either the Contract from America or in reference to Harry Reid’s or Barack Obama’s record . . . it’s still possible for her to turn things around, but don’t count on it, Angle’s already snatched defeat from the jaws of easy victory (Nevada has the highest unemployment and highest drop in home prices in the country and Reid is easily the most hated politician other than Pelosi and Obama) and such stupidity as hers is almost always rewarded. So short of Harry dropping dead from glee a week before election day, Angle has screwed herself and Nevada and the country.
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
** The only bad press . . . along actually verifiable racist and perhaps "hate" lines . . . for the TEA Party was tied to one of the TEA Party Expresses leadership people a "shock jock," we're told whose blogs eschewed dealing with Obama's performance and attacked other things . . . talking about Islam, for example, as having "a monkey god." Wow, with friends like those who needs enemies? Rajjpuut will assume that they're really left-leaners trying to muddy the TEA.
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  • Definitely NOT!
    You miss the point entirely. Angle is a poor candidate, she's shown herself totally inept. Clearly either of the other two Republican candidates would have 50+ point approval against Harry Reid by now and a 15 point approval lead and an easy race.
    There is even some thought that Harry Reid created the TEA Party Express which recommended her. Certainly, the racism and ("Islam has a monkey god") stupidity by one of the TPE's leaders (a so-called "shock-jock") was a huge stain on the movement and now they go around nominating individual candidates such as Angle (are they going to fund them or expect the G.O.P. to fund these weak sisters and brothers they get the nominations for?) it's disgusting. She's literally snatching defeat from the jaws of easy victory. The pattern of behavior recommended (concentrating on Reid's and Obama's weaknesses and only upon the Contract from America) might still save her, but she put herself in the position she's now "achieved" and has shown no common sense understanding or planning to get herself out of it. The TEA Party as a movement needs to learn from her horrific example.
    Yes, it would be nice if she defeated Harry Reid, but now huge outside resources will be required because she's given him at least a dozen key talking points he will hammer her on ceaselessly. Dick Morris has been helping her for example, but meanwhile the money he raises can't help someone else who is necessarily in a tough race . . . rather than Angle who put herself in a tough race by her loud mouth giving Prince Harry those dozen unnecessary talking points. Her only plus, she's enthusiastic . . . in a way reminiscent of George Armstrong Custer. Stupidity should not be condoned or apologized for . . . .

    BTW, Toddy is my son, Rajjpuut or Bob VanDeHey is my name
  • Angle IS, however, the candidate running against Reid "one of the most corrupt and evil men in America". Your outrage and name calling defamation is noted. All of us who pay attention are aware of her gaffes and mis-speak. Rather than giving Reid supporters a truck load of hollow points, wouldn't it be more constructive to our interests to focus on the fact that Angle HAS made it this far. Calling her stupid is not constructive; better to do what can be done to support her run against the monstrous evil Reid - we, our Country - need her to defeat Reid. Toddy, what say you on this?
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