Shameful on ABC, CBS and NBC

Shameful on abc, cbs and nbc. not one of these stations was in arizona where the BLM was going after americans the drug cartells can cross the boarder bringing drugs to kill your kids and mind..illegals can cross federal land and not one reaction or a pellet gun is pointed at these people.

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  • ABC, CBS and NBC were not there!  Surprise....surprise.  80% of the media is conspiratorial in that they are follow the agenda imposed on them by the BIG BOYS who really run this country and the Government.  It appears that their current agenda is to 1. import as many drugs as possible in order to screw up Americans, i.e., to fry their brains; 2. import people who were born and raised in the belief that socialism is the answer to their prayers; 3.  to misinform the public as much as possible in order to create confusion and chaos;  4.  to pave the way for a Communist take over;  5.  to make sheeple out of people by corrupting their morals and quietly move them away from God and religion so that they have no moral fiber (no backbone); 6.  to dumb down our young people in order to manipulate their thinking and movements;  7.  to ultimately enslave us as happened in Soviet Russia which when all is said and done will result in tens of millions being killed.  I hope it does not turn out that way but it sure looks like it is moving in that direction.  So what can we do to protect ourselves and to quietly and safely dissolve this evil onslaught?  The same thing our ancestors did, i.e., to get on our knees and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY and REPENT, REPENT and REPENT.  If we do that God will bless us and restore sanity and real freedom to our nation.

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