Sex Religion Government

Sex Religion Government

This is, for sure, a dangerous, delicate, troika.

But, to totally understand just how dangerous, we first recall Cicero.

“To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child”

Aha, some history.

Our Founders made it clear that Government should keep its nose out of Religion; yours, mine, ours

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The First Amendment's Establishment Clause prohibits the government from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion.” This clause not only forbids the government from establishing an official religion, but also prohibits government actions that unduly favor one religion over another. It also prohibits the government from unduly preferring religion over non-religion, or non-religion over religion.

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I’ve not found any specific references to sex in the Declaration, The Constitution, or the Amendments.

They could have made specific instructions to the Government like….

Keep your nose out of sex…. Keep your nose out of sex…. Yours, mine, ours.

But they didn’t. So we are left wondering.

Perhaps they should have said ….. Keep your nose out of sex…. Yours, mine, ours.

They didn’t. But simple WISDOM would counsel Government………..

Keep your nose out of sex…. Yours, mine, ours.


Regardless , they didn’t. And now we have Obama plunging the Government deep into the abyss of Sex and Religion and Government

Obama, his ego unchecked, brought us FREE Contraceptives for promiscuous co-eds.

He challenged Congress and even found the nympho Fluke to front for him.


He started by putting her in front of congressional committee, begging for pre-paid contraceptives for her promiscuity.

That didn’t go over well…. and Obama was inundated with Letters, Faxes, Petitions , and Lawsuits.


He divined the  unfavorable (for him) outcome and offered to negotiate.

His negotiation stance was typical nobummer………


I’m here to negotiate… My Position is FIXED…. What can you offer me?

Big Fx*king deal… as his VP once uttered!


His first “offering” was……….

OK…. Churches don’t have to provide “FREE” contraceptives; the Insurance Companies will.


Well,………… we need a divert at this point.

Obama approaches “negotiation” from a false premise………

= = = =  = = = =

His announcement is, nonetheless, ….Let’s Negotiate

His Negotiation strategy is……….

I’ve got my position………what are you willing to give.



  • Obama jams it thru in obamacare
  • When challenged by public opinion and lawsuits about Churches having to pay,
    • Obama saved the day….. he “negotiated” a compromise by pawning the costs off onto insurance companies
    • NEVER did he “negotiate” the issue of ..” FREE Contraceptives for Women.”
    • NEVER was it debated that Insurance Companies would just roll their new costs into higher premiums ( plus profits)
    • When challenged again, from “affiliated” religious groups ( Colleges, Hospitals, Soup Kitchens)
      • He saved the day….by insisting that insurance Companies provide, but get reimbursed costs from the Gov’t
      • NEVER did he “negotiate” the issue of ..” FREE Contraceptives for Women.”
      • Never did he admit that such practice puts the burden of “free contraceptives for promiscuous females “on my tab”!


  • …but… in his PC world, I’m offended.
    • Not only “PCwise”, but he invaded my Religious freedom.
    • Now I have to pay, via higher taxes (where else is he going to get the $$$ ?)
    • Just because I don’t  have the $$$$$$ to hire a Lobby to grease him, I get stuck
    • AGAINST my religious beliefs!
    • …and …. I am offended!
    • …and I DO NOT want  to pay for Flukes condoms!

Now, where is Obama vs. GOD?

IF GOD wanted “no-baby” sex he would have………..

Designed the Menstrual Cycle to be Quarterly or Annual vs. monthly

…. Or he would have bellies change to day-glow-red during ovulation.


So we are left with ….. Obama vs. GOD

My message to obummer

Get outta Dodge!

Take a hike!

I hope they sue every last one of your condoms away!

Ooooops….got carried away…. I really don’t want anymore nobammas or Flukes.

I hope they sue his shorts off!

Can anybody HELP ME?





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