You know, this President has allowed pettiness and arrogance to reach record levels. 

1.  He invented the "sequester" to provide himself cover during an election year.
2.  He said during the debates that the sequester would not happen.  How he could know that is beyond me, unless he meant he was going to make necessary cuts.
3. Upon re-election, he immediately began beating the drum that it's all the Republicans fault.  Of course, most of the media joined in that fantasy.
4.  When that wasn't working, he began talking about the sky falling if he didn't get his way.  His administration began doing all types of agregious things, like releasing illegal aliens because of "anticipated, future budget cuts.  Then they lied about who authorized the release.
5. Now, he's intentionally trying to make life difficult where it doesn't have to be.  Why?  Because he's acting out the role of the petulant child.  He didn't get his way, so he'll make everyone pay.  
What a horse's ass!
See the following article on more evidence to this effect:
We have a President who spends like a drunken sailor (I apologize to all of you current and former drunken sailors for comparing you to him).  He refuses to even consider the fact that the Federal government has grown so huge that it consumes far more than the tax base could ever support--even if we taxed the "rich" at 90%!  
That's a fact.  Yet Pelosi, Obama, and the other "progressives" still deny that Washington has a SPENDING PROBLEM!  They actually continue to lie to the American people and decry that we have a revenue problem.  Their solution is class warfare, envy, and a mantra of TAX THE RICH.  Unfortunately, between a complicit press propaganda machine, ignorant "low information voters", the envious, greedy, takers, and the intelligentsia elitists who, for all of their diplomas have no concept of how an economy works, he is winning.
Here's the truth:
This past year, Washington received more tax revenue than any other time in our history!
This past year, Washington SPENT 30% more than they took iin as revenue!
The "sequester" doesn't actually cut, i.e. reduce existing expenditures, at all.  What it does is reduce the future budget increases slightly.  Effectively, the government will spend more next year than they did this year.
And the President has the gall to tell you he'll have to shut down airports, close down critical military missions, stop restraining illegal aliens, etc.!  If you aren't disgusted and mad as hell, then it's too late to help you.  Drink some more Kool Aid, believe the lies of the President and the media, and go lay down.


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