Sequester Cuts Scam: “An Oldie But a Goodie”


                        The situation in our nation today takes me back many years to the early days of a sit-com called “The Beverly Hillbillies”.  I remember the Clampetts hooking up with “Honest John” Shafer, played by long time comedian Phil Silvers.  “Honest John” sold them every monument in Washington, D C (De Cesspool). Those “dumb ole’ Clampetts” just kept giving Honest John” Shafer checks made out to “C.A.S.H.”  If you grew up with the Clampetts, Milburn Drysdale, and Jane Hathaway you will understand.  Congress and the ruling elite are “Honest John” Shafer and We the People are the Clampetts.  We are being conned by experts who make it their lifelong career to scam us into giving them everything we have while thinking they are taking care of us and “looking out for our best interests”.

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  • Here's an answer to sequester.   The admin has created a monopoly on ammo & guns - prices up many, many, times.    Billions of bullets & nothing to shoot (yet) - too much supply - no demand.

    Put them on e-bay - we have millions of citizens willing to pay your price - sell them!!!

    Guns too!     How about a low milage tank to crusie around town & wal-mart  - will they do a wheelie?

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