Senator Alexander's anti big government commercial is a joke. He stood up to the Army Engineers and passed a law to allow us to fish near dams. GREAT.

What about Obama's abusive executive orders, Fast n Furious /dead agents/lies, IRS, NSA, Benghazi, Iran nukes/Israel , Keystone, EPA and other agencies going around Congress and abuses, Syria, Egypt Muslim Brotherhood/ military conflict, Muslim Brotherhood working in the Administration of Obama, persecution of Christians in the US military, Obama bringing terrorist to NY courts while drone strikes kill Americans, Farce budget impacts over a slight reduction in the increased budget, abuse from Obama groups to carry out his agendas , Obama's attack on the US military reduction of 12 brigades, unilateral declaration war is over with Islamic terrorists while they attack, unilateral position to reduce US nuclear arsenal to zero or least below Chinese levels, push to close Gitmo and give Constitutional rights to terrorists,( Imagine doing that for Nazi's in WWII), continued apology tours, extreme expensive overseas trips, pledge for 7 billion USD for Africa energy development, foreign aid while deficits grow/tripled, slowing of US energy development and related jobs. This list could go on and on, but the point is the ONE thing Alexander stood up to was fishing locations!!!!!! REALLY!!! We need a real conservative to run in the primary.

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  • Sad to say, but Alexander and "Amnesty Man" gotta GO!

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