By Oscar Y. Harward


2016 Republican Party Presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has a untainted record for you and me:


  1. For introducing and supporting legislation to reduce our ‘out-of-control’ spending;


  1. To restore, save, and protect our Constitutional freedoms based on Judeo-Christian Values; and,


  1. For protecting our American flag, US Military, our nation, and our Veterans.


Many Republican Party Capitol Hill legislators have ‘crossed the aisle’ and caved in to ‘liberal’ Democrats on fiscal, social, and national security issues for too many years.  ‘Crossing the aisle’ to support Democrat Party legislation is not usually better for the American taxpayers and/or our citizens.


This is why American taxpayers now been ignored; even abused:


  1. An upcoming $19 Trillion National Debt,


  2. Why our US Senate Republicans have voted ‘YEA’ to confirm Presidential left-wing         Judicial nominees,  


  3. There are several 2016 GOP Presidential candidates who wish to continue to  cave-in

    on Illegal’ immigration by just allow all the ‘illegals’ to continue to live the same as   

    Americans Veterans have gone to war for America and other nations to save (y)our and others sovereigns,


  4. And why America is at war against ‘Islamic’ nation governments and Terrorist groups while Americans are funding some of these terrorists’ warriors against our own Military.


    For your own view,

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  • I'd vote for Cruz.  But if he doesn't get there.  I'd hope that the R that gets to the WH...IF one actually does...that they'd appoint Cruz to the USSC. 

    Unless it's Trump.  Who'd likely appoint his far left, pro late term abortion, sister to that post.  

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