Self Determination!

What makes the United States of America a truly Great Nation and why the left is bent on destroying it!

We hold these Truths to be Self Evident that all men are created equal and they are endowed by their Creator with certain Unalienable Rights; that among these Rights are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to Secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men , deriving their just power from the Consent of the Governed!

That statement from the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence is by far the cornerstone of  what is America and why it is Greater than any Nation before or current.  It is the fundamental expression of what would become the greatest experiment in self-determination in the history of this planet. A government where no outside forces were to influence its decisions on the fundamental Rights to be Alive and Live, To be Free to be yourself and choose your own destiny as long as it did not infringe on the Rights of others and to keep the Fruits of your own Labors.

The so-called educational elite who have spent decades lying and hiding the facts of our Nation and its remarkable formation of self governing, they have tried to obfuscate these rights by saying that man has enjoyed these rights before and it has failed as a form of government.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

That is a lie because this Republic and its Bill of Rights and the aforementioned Declaration of Independence for the first time in the history of mankind allowed all of us who are blessed to be Americans the Right to keep our Property. Even as a serf or nobleman in feudal times the CROWN still owned it all. You were allowed to keep part of what you reaped from your labors only if the ruler was satisfied with your work. And he ordained who got what, when, where and why on his rule alone.

No where before in the history of this planet has any nation or country chosen a form of Government where a ruler or monarch or line of descendants or royal family or pre-ordained party or tribal leader or family elder was instituted to lead.  We would choose for ourselves from amongst ourselves who we would have guide the Nation. If you are familiar with the Constitution and its original intent it was never meant to give power to a ruler or a group of people who think they are more capable of determining your destiny than you are. It was meant to do just the opposite, limit their power and give US the governed the final say in our Republics management.


Every single politician in this Country works for us yet they ignore us, mock us, besmirch us, deride us, insult us, degrade us and generally do whatever they feel like without fear of reprisal from us. And with good reason because many of them having acted this way for many years still get re-elected, just reinforcing their disgraceful behavior.

If you walked into any business in the world and found employees and managers acting this way you would never do business with them again.

And if you owned that business then you would fire every single useless miscreant that created the problem, yet we keep electing, re-electing and reinforcing their behavior by not punishing them.      

The population of this Country used to have a standing method of dealing with politicians who acted this way, they would physically remove them from their office and depending on the severity of their malfeasance either tar and feather or throw them in jail. (or under it)(my favorite was the stocks, they would throw their spoiled food at them while they sat in public view to be derided by their fellow citizens)

We have reached a time where the progressive socialist ruling class that has usurped power from us, has pushed our way of life and our very existence as a Republic. That we can still choose who to represent us, to the the very brink of extinction. We are now hanging by the proverbial thread of what once was a Nation that every freedom loving individual who could get here wanted to be here. A Nation that other Communist, Socialist, Marxist, Fascist, Statist countries had to and still do block their citizens from fleeing to. A Nation that before the ruling class destroyed with their progressive socialist agenda, has to limit the influx of new immigrants. Because even with all of our new problems they still see an opportunity that the left has not yet completely destroyed despite their best efforts and that is you can still keep the fruits of your own labor and own property.

It is past time that we exercise to the fullest the power of self-determination now, the progressive socialist ruling class in this country will do everything within and outside of their authority to continue the path we are on which is to destroy the political system in this Republic. And if you can’t figure out what they intend to replace it with I suggest you stop watching the regurgitated pabulum and propaganda talking points, shut off the reality TV and turn on the reality of what is happening all around you comrade or get used to that greeting!

In Freedom:

Dr. Keith C. Westbrook Ph.D.                                                                               

President Conservative Party – Florida

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  • Van:

    Thank you for assessment and I agree about accuracy of engagement vs. rounds spent that is why my new 10 also has a 4" barrel just hidde uder the slide. I am so broke I cannot afford to pay attention so down the road if and or when I am in the market I will check them out.

    Thanks again though for your knowledgeable response.

  • Dr. Westbrook The jump is less than a 38 short. I have many guns and shoot them all and the titanium is the most accurate. The more accurate the weapon the less rounds you need. If you purchase one make sure it is vented. Mine is a 4 inch barrel.




  • Ever notice how jam packed full of nuts that are in this current Administration quite a few backers are of Arabic descent as well huh? Hmmm! I wonder or ponder this question quite a bit lately especially with a lot of State Judges as well. I think they have forgotten who they really are supposed to protect.

  • Recoil is just what it is so you have adjust to it accordingly!

  • Van:

    with the titanium frame how bad is the muzzle jump when you combat fire do you have the 6" or the 4" I am not a big fan of wheel guns getting to old to combat reload with a speed loader. But saw a couple in shop by me 4" just really felt very light, guess I'm just used to the mass of a 1911 model.

  • Roland:

    I've always enjoyed weapon ownership even when all I could afford was a 22. as a former engineer and physcist (what my doctorate is in) I have loved the simplicity yet marveled at the complexity of all types of guns. If my retirement from one of the Big 3 had not been torn up by the Commie in Chief I would have a hell of a collection. Still have enough to defend my home and family and lend a neighbor or 2. Like the article you posted what scares me is ammo availability and how quickly it is going up in price, it is getting difficult to stockpile the larger calibers. Thank God for 7.62, yes I did change my profile pic and put up my little friend.

  • I have a 41 mag. titanium vented, light and no jump. Sweetest gun I have shot.

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