We live in a world that today is void of both justice and truth. If we seek justice, we are seeking it concerning someone else because we would rather not have anyone to truly see what we really are. The truth is that we might not mind being judged by man if we are seeking justice or even if we are seeking truth. God the Father on the other hand is put on the back burner when we start looking for justice. In every case we had better be seeking mercy rather than justice, we all stand before Him , guilty as charged. That means that my children and I are guilty in the eyes of God the Father.

Therefore, when I look at my children I have to realize that within their failures, I can see myself because I know we are capable of doing wrong.

It's easy to blame someone else for our failures. To see wrong in other people and to not stand up and take the responsibility for our own failures. The world will, in most cases back us because in their hearts they know their failures are on display as well as what you are trying to conceal about your own self.

It takes a real man to stand in the face of the whole world and to speak truth and admit that me or my children are wrong. To say one person is wrong and not the other is never truth.

There was a case in my home town once where a man I knew beat his wife to death because she was committing adultery. They put him in jail and he went to trail. The day of his trail as he sit and looked at all his family and her family in the court room he sak the judge if he could speak, he said yes. As he looked at the court room he told the judge he was pleading guilty, he knew he was wrong and that he did not want to put neither family through the turmoil of a trail. He would face whatsoever judgement was given him.

Sometimes parents have to do that kind of thing for their children or children have to do things like this for their parents.

Admitting the truth will establish peace in any community or household. Trying to place blame somewhere else will always bring discord and trouble.

I had a pastor tell me once that ( TWO WRONGS WILL NEVER MAKE ONE RIGHT) That was 45 years ago and it is still truth today.

Jesus Christ stood on a ship one day and looked out over a troubled sea and said( PEACE, BE STILL) and the  wind ceased, the sea was calm. The sea here is a type of a troubled world that he has the ability to calm. we can be calmed by Him as well if we would only listen.

As individuals, we can have the same effect if we will just admit truth and act on what is right. we can calm a troubled situation just by what we might say or do. We can also bring discord. It's our choice.




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