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Fellow Americans, the mainstream news media” MSM” is the propaganda machinery of the oligarchs that are in control of the Washington puppets. Today we the people do not have any one to represent us in Washington; Democrats and Republicans are the same and they represent the oligarchs, the promoters of free trade, globalization and the demise of our constitutional rights, our freedom and our economic and welfare.   Seek the truth and let the people know,  expose the traitors. Truth and knowledge diffused among the people are necessary for the reclamation and preservation of our Democracy, rights, freedom and liberties. Stand for our Constitution, our freedom, liberty and the rule of law. Here is a list of alternatives news media that report the true, support them and make American free press the voice of the people reporting the truth defending freedom and Democracy in our country.



Major Alternative News Sources on the Web:

Common Dreams -   -

Truthout   -   - 

Democracy Now Amy Goodman

Alternet   -   -

Counterpunch   -   -

Jeff Rense  -   - 

Coast to Coast with George Noory.

Working for Change Geov Parrish   -

Move On   -   -

Voices in the Wilderness   -

ZMag    -

Mother Jones   -    -   -

Michael Moore   -

Sherman Skolnick   -   -

Arundhati Roy   -

Greg Palast   -   -

Earth Changes  -

United for Peace   -  -

Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR) - Publications.

United for Human Rights.

International Human Rights Law

Economic Justice‎

Social justice organizations‎

Stay Up to Date on Social Justice‎

Economic, Social, and Cultural Right

International justice resource center.


Catholic Social Thought Organizations : Database

Caselaw Database on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Initiative

Center for Economic and Social Rights

Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Americans for just economies.

International Human Rights.

Veteran's for Peace sites:

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