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By Juan Reynoso – Activist - .
Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers, for there is no power but of God.
We believe that no government can exist in peace, if they are in violation of the people’s faith on God and their natural laws are not framed and held inviolate as will secure to each individual the free exercise of conscience, the right and control of property, and the protection of life.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
The First Amendment guarantees the basic rights of an individual: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to peaceably assemble, and the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. The free exercise of religion has been called an American invention; it was the belief of James Madison that freedom of religion would provide, “luster to our country." Roger Williams of Rhode Island, a Christian preacher, was the first to address freedom of conscience in his book the Bloody Tenant of Persecution. Maryland was the first colony to enact a Toleration Act for all Christians in 1649. Rhode Island in their Charter of 1663 was the first colony to enact freedom of conscience and religion for Protestants.
The Anglican Church was the established Church in Colonial Virginia, and Evangelicals, particularly Presbyterians and Baptists were persecuted. Thomas Jefferson had written the Virginia Statute for Establishing Religious Freedom in 1779, but this was tabled by the prevailing Anglican assembly. In reaction to a bill to assess every Virginia citizen to support Anglican teachers, James Madison wrote his Memorial and Remonstrance against Religious Assessment (1785), where he states "We maintain therefore that in matters of Religion, no man's right is abridged by the institution of Civil Society, and that Religion is wholly exempt from its cognizance." This led to the passage of Jefferson's Statute in 1786.
While Separation of Church and State was necessary at the time to allow other Christian faiths to prosper, Jefferson and Madison supported a vibrant public square for religion. School prayer and Bible readings existed in public schools and public events for over 300 years in our nation! The First Amendment allows the Free Exercise of Religion.
Daniel Carroll of Maryland, a Catholic who had suffered persecution under British oppression, helped James Madison write the First Amendment, which protected our liberties such as freedom of religion.
Fellow Americans, our Liberty and freedom are being demise by this system of government. To force and impose rules or laws that demise the faith of all Christians is tyranny; our country’s morality must supersede tyranny in any legitimate form of government. Otherwise, people are left with a society system rooted in backwardness, disorder, and regression.
The concept of human and equal rights should not be used to demise our Christian faith; our government argument is that the preservation of equal rights requires action on the part of the government to prevent some individuals from taking away the rights of others. What our government is doing is reaffirming the rights of a group of persons that want to do or be what is against God’s laws and force Christians to accept gay marriage and take part in their chosen world of depravation by forcing Christians to see gay and lesbian couples ‘flaunting’ their relationships and accepting them as role model of our society. 
Last Wednesday, a federal judge ruled that Texas’ amendment banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. Judge Orlando Garcia stated that same-sex marriage should be legal in Texas. The ruling in Texas on Wednesday is just another step towards the demise of our Christians rights to choose of no to take or be part of any thing connected to the LGBT community. Judge Garcia rejected the notion that Texas and each state in this country should be allowed to determine what the definition of marriage is and accept same-sex marriage as a right protected by our constitution.
Judge Orlando Garcia stated that the Court decision is not made in defiance of the great people of Texas or the Texas Legislature, but in compliance with the United States Constitution and Supreme Court precedent. Without a rational relation to a legitimate governmental purpose, state-imposed inequality can find no refuge in our United States Constitution. The fact is that this system of government is so corrupt that under the pretense of human and civil rights is voiding our constitution and our rights to gain political points. The majority of Americans in this United States are Christians; Christianity is the frame that encloses our Christian values and protects us from all the people that dismissed the existence of God our creator.
Fellow Christians, the fact is that this system of government has declared a war against Christianity in this United States. Our history and the existence of our country is base in Christianity. Christians are the founders of our country they are the ones that gives us the constitution and Christians are the ones that give their lives to defend us from Nazism and communist and the preservation of our Christian faith, principles and values. Today is that time for all Christian in this United States to be united to fight this corrupt system of government and re-store our Christian principles and values in our country, we will not let this government destroy our faith and values and force us to be part of and accept sin as part of our values as Christians. 
Fellow Christian, vote for candidates that will stand for our constitution, our Christian principles and values and destroy the termites that are destroying our country from within. Our Loyalty is to our God the creator of all things, not to any political party, politicians or any especial interest organization. In God we trust. Our God will give us the wisdom, courage and power to destroy this system of government and any one that will intend to destroy our Christian faith by forcing us to be part of any event, man laws or mandates that are against God’s laws and principles.


Principles are the basis for God's laws… they are the reasons behind His laws. And if you were to read the entire Law of Moses, you would have a much better understanding of God thoughts on many matters. They are the guidelines we can refer to in order to make wise decisions.
However, it has often been said that principles are more important than laws, because God's laws for mankind have changed, depending on the circumstances, while His principles remain the same. And though this is true, we must understand that God's laws have always been far more important than obedience to the principles. For, whereas principles are general guidelines, His laws are the dividing lines, and He has used His inspired servants to write them down in the Bible so we would know the difference. Remember that laws are greater, because they are also principles, but principles that God felt strongly enough about to turn into laws.

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