It's important to understand why we must secure our borders. There are many reasons and all of them need to be done but there is one threat that is overlooked the most and it's the most dangerous one of all. The power in voting. We process 1 million legal immigrates each year becoming new U.S. citizens. They take an oath and become a new Wel-fare Recipient. We have just added 1 million new voters per year for the movement of socialism. But this number is small in comparison to the anchor babies of illegal aliens. They will come of age to vote by 2016 and their vote will offset or cancel the Conservative voters. Yes, I'm talking about We The People, the last of our kind. This means we would be out voted in the Country our Fathers conquered without a shot being fired or one drop of blood being spelt. Here is a 9 minute video on Securing Our Borders. Share and Enjoy
                                Burt Keefer  AmericaWorking.Org
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  • Pat,

       If this country is ever to be straightened out, WE the PEOPLE must do it.  The government will not do anything to help us.  The politicians are to busy trying to increase their power and their fortunes.

  • Show your voter card! If you're illegal you won't have your green card or get the boot! Bye Bye!

  • Sharia Scoreboard. If you haven't seen this video, please view it and log onto to see where your elected officials stand on Sharia Law. We must rid our communities of this evil.

  • People used to come to America to be an American. They'd wait in line and complete the requirements for Citizenship. NOW, people come to America to act like they did in their own country. They bring their laws and archaic and barbaric customs expecting to be 'free' to do it the way they've always done it back home. (sharia law for one example)  With the new immigrants wanting to 'finger paint' and blur the separation of church and state- damn the existing laws of the United States. 

  • Burt, I strongly agree with you.  For those who think the illegals should get a path to freedom, they  are out of their minds.  There is no country in the world you can sneak in and there isn't stiff penalties or even death . The LAW is you have to be  legal, to live here, get benifits, social securi  ty, health care and pay taxes.  What is it that the Liberals don't understand. They don't pay for us.

  • Never another Amnesty,  Amnesty after Amnesty = Open Borders,  encourages more Illegal entry,  and disregards our rule of Law.  Liberals will destroy this country by constantly pushing for Amnesty while ignoring the cost, burden, loss of culture, overpopulation, crime, & unemployment of Illegals, just for political reasons to remain in power.  That's another HUGE reason to make sure Obama is defeated as well as many liberal Democrats in Congress, as well as some RINOS.  But if you vote out a RINO, you better replace him with a Conservative, not another Democrat.  When the percentage of the population dependent on the Federal Government reaches 51%, our Republic is over, that is why these socialists are pushing so hard.  Defeat them this time & destroy their socialist agenda for a long time to come, because many Americans have seen the utter disregard for our Constitution and Laws of this administration, and won't be deceived for many years again!

    I had posted this same video on a Post, (listen to this video here),   it is very eye-opening to the costs and problems of Millions of Illegal Invaders!  And check out (,)  an excellent site to find facts & FREE faxes about the problems of Illegal aliens.  I have been a member for a few years and donate monthly, though you don't have to donate, please check it out!

  • - sorry forgot the link

  • If you're not a member of ACT! for America, please consider joining. Here is what I received today and you can log on to sign the petition to Obama...

    This Friday, a “Global march to Jerusalem” will take place, which will include the usual gaggle of jihadists, anti-Semites, anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian activists, and terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah.  According to its organizers, the march is “comprised of a diverse coalition…who are united in the struggle to liberate the holy city of Jerusalem (the city of peace) from illegal Zionist occupation.”
    Global march organizers further claim that their “aim is to end the Zionist policies of apartheid, ethnic cleansing and Judaization, which all harm the people, land and sanctity of Jerusalem.”  (No mention of the fact that over one million Arabs are citizens of Israel, who enjoy equal rights with Jewish citizens of Israel.)
    Join us in calling on President Obama and the Congress to condemn this march and stand with Israel, an effort sponsored by the National Conference on Jewish Affairs, a pro-America, pro-Israel organization.
    When it comes to Islamic militancy and terrorism, Israel is the “canary in the coal mine.”  We stand with Israel as an ally against the rising tide of radical Islam across the globe.

  • My fear is that obama and the leftists WILL close the borders to us once they have given the illegals amnesty. And "we the people" will be forced to pay for the illegals as part of being forced to be slaves to the obama regime.

  • Inaction on this issue is the PRINCIPAL reason why RINO's need to GO ! :o[

    Till the Congress is dominated by supporters of the Concept:

    AMERICA FIRST, for AMERICANS - 1st, Last & ALWAYS; we have the wrong Reps in Congress.


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