Secession? Not Likely.

I don't see secession as likely to happen in the foreseeable future. Maybe later, but not now. There is a great deal being made over the fact that 23 states (and counting) have petitioned the US government for the right to "peaceably" seceed from the union and form their own government. Obama is NOT going to let this happen, at least peaceably. He will ignore the petitions or worse, prosecute those who signed them (myself included). I look at the pertitons as a not so subtile warning to the president. We have tolerated your meddling in our lives to this point, BUT, we will not tolerate your going those next steps. Steps that will forever change the country and it's relationship with it's citizens. I will not be a slave in my own country. Damn you Sir, I WILL NOT! I will oppose you and your ilk by any means at my disposal. For now, it is writing blogs and signing petitions. In the future, I may be forced to assume a ... more "active" role.

Secession may be unlikely, but there are other steps that can be taken in the interim. They require that the state's senators and congressmen and women grow a spine. It will require the Govenor and Attorney General to stand up and be counted. I speak of nullification and interposition. These terms can be losely interwoven. Both mean basically the same thing. The State of Texas declares a federal act to be against the Constitution and therefore null and void. Furthermore, the State of Texas throws all of it's political clout between the federal government and the citizens of Texas. This is the legislative act of interposition. The state interposes its political will in such a way as to shield the citizens of the state from the wrath of and prosecution by the federal persona. In other words, we ain't gonna do this or that and don't flex your muscle trying to make us. The State of Texas will take retalliatory action against physical attacks on its citizenry.

There was a time in my younger days when I could count on Texas and its citizens to do the "right" thing. Men were men and women were equally strong. We did what was needed and made no apologies. Our word was our bond and many a handshake underpinned a gentlemens agreement. We were straightforward and brooked no nonsense. We lived and personified the traits that were first shown by the likes of Milam, Houston, Travis, Bowey, etc. Messing with a Texan or Texas was tantamount to stepping on a large rattlesnake. Walk softly and be civil or get bit. We seem to have lost that fiber and grit. Where did it go?  Am I an anachronism? Am I the only one to find these qualities desirable and good? Maybe I have hung around too long.

Unfortunately, we can't be nullifying and interposing against every piece of onerous legislation that comes along. Nullification should be reserved for the most aggregious of the acts. Interposition is a bit more flexable. We can be unable or unwilling to declare an act unconstitutional but still protect our citizens when they collectively decide not to honor the act. This could be problematic at best. Failing to prove the unconstitutionality of an act makes it damn difficult for a state to interpose without a court decision.

There are things we can do to minimize the effects of Obama and his thugs. The bad thing is, they must by nature be reactionary rather than proactionary. We may spend the next four years beating off the assault on our liberty. It will be a long and tiring process, both emotionally and physically for those of us who are antiques. But we can do it. We must thwart Obama's ambition at every opportunity, but we must be judicious in when and where we choose to confront. We must be on sound constitutional grounds or we are no better than he. Of course, we can stoop pretty low and still be head and shoulders above him morally and spiritually. As for ethics and integrity; forget it for now. He doesn't understand the words or the concepts.

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