Not since income tax was forced upon us has there been such an abominable action taken as what just happened today in the decision of the Supreme Court. I am 63 three years old and after leaving home as a kid, only once in my life I have had a life insurance policy. I now have no health insurance as I don't get sick. I have saved so much money in not paying premiums I could probably buy a Rolls Royce right now if I were given that money in a lump sum.

I will be damned if I will be forced to buy something I "DO NOT WANT!!" If they fine me for not having it, it is again "Taxation without Representation.' A Would ask former President George H. W. Bush..." Would you allow me to force-feed you Broccoli?"

I think every member of SCOTUS should be replaced as soon as the next administration is in control. If that OBAMANATION is re-elected, I may as well leave the country as I will not live amoung people with IQ's of only 10.

Wayne Lewis

Pocatello, ID.

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