Scott Brown Wins, but it is a Tea Party Victory which is "We The People"

Scott Brown had been lagging the last few weeks by double digits. We contacted his organization and was asked to help. I contacted coalition partners and collectively we number in the orders of millions. The RNC had given up on him and the Tea Party and our coalition partners spread the word and brought life into his campaign.

This is what has astonished the world. It is no surprized to us that Scott Brown lead all night. He was losing throughout his campaign until patriots said no more Healthcare, Obamacare. We must not focus on just one election, but multiply this nationwide at local, county, state and federal level. We demand true Representation no more Special Interest or Cronism.

We need patriots to set the pace and launch our concerts to ensure Constitutional Conservatives win the midterm elections in every political party. It will be a litmus test if these parties cannot produce a Constitutional Conservative.

I was not encouraged by everything Scott Brown said last night. Healthcare should be a dead issue. It seems the transformation of Scott Brown has begun. However, if we swell the ranks of Washington with more solid Constitutional Conservatives then we will have our nation back.

The Administration wants to continue their insane drive toward Healthcare, but just like Glenn Beck said last night. The Progressives are a plague on our nation. They will continue to push ahead and so will we. We have only begun. We have drained millions of dollars from the coffers of both side.

We need to fund this movement so we can beat these organization at the ballot box. Our Liberty Concert is the only way we will grow financially to beat these enemies of our Liberties. Schedule your Event at

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