School Shootings What You Should Know

An unrelated series of shootings at schools in recent weeks

has people wondering about the safety of their children and

how they can help prevent future attacks. We talked with

one of our behavioral analysts, Supervisory Special Agent

Mary Ellen O’Toole, Ph.D., to get some

First, be vigilant, especially now, when the events are

still generating headlines, says O’Toole, who works in

the Behavior Analysis Unit of our

Critical Incident Response Group at the FBI Academy

in Quantico, Virginia. “We do believe a copycat effect

takes place after these events.”

That means more than just being watchful and wary

of who’s out of place in a neighborhood or school.

“Be aware of people’s moods.

Don’t depend just on how they answer the question,

‘How are you doing?’”

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[In my educated opinion,
Lets start off by classifying all forms of bullying
as a felony! Regardless of title or position.
(Title/position isn't ground for immunity)
Teachers bully too. And teachers that fail
to stop bullying are just as guilty as the bully.

If Congress passed a law that rendered all
types of bully behavior as a felony, not only
would this make kids safe in schools,
but also provide oversight for
teachers that lack little or no leadership skills.
(why are bullies allowed to terrorize?
is the question}

If there was a law that felonized bullying, there
wouldn't be shootings in schools.
Kids wouldn't be killing kids (nor would kids
be killing themselves) What is it going to take to
protect kids in school? What are politicians
waiting for? waiting for more kids to get killed?
We citizens have a duty to protect children.
I say, if politician isn't interested in protecting
children, then legislation needs be left to us]

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