Scandal hits top of Tea party..?

So you all remember James Willis who posted that random email from Mark Meckler to Larry Naritelli and we were all wondering what the REAL story was? it is:

There’s no denying that in this current political climate, the competition between campaigns can get pretty heated. The governors race in California is a prime example, with mudslinging, accusations and the amount of campaign spending going on, it is only rivaled by debacles the caliber of ACORN or Climategate.

Until just recently the focus on the Republican side has been the race between Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner. I say this because a candidate who was largely unknown up to this point, but who has been in the race all along, has recently gained some substantial ground and surprised many who may have thought he had virtually no chance of competing in the race for the governorship.

Larry Naritelli has been all over the state, and he has a rise in the polls to prove it. He hasn’t been able to or even tried to outspend either Whitman or Poizner. He hasn’t taken part in attempting to buy a governors seat, he hasn’t received even a small percentage of the media coverage that either of the two aforementioned candidates have, and he hasn’t taken part in any of the mudslinging. And for those precise reasons (among others), he has been gaining the attention and respect of many Californians. Simply put, he’s not your typical politician.

Of course, his rise in popularity has not gone unnoticed. Many in the other candidates camps fear he will take votes from Poizner, while some fear he will cut into Whitmans voting pool, and even an increasing number say he could take it all. For this reason, it can be argued that, for better or worse, he has become a liability to both aforementioned candidates.

In recent days Naritelli’s reputation and character have been attacked by none other than Mark Meckler, leader of the Tea Party Patriots,

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