Savor the Moment, But Heed the Warning

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

NAUGH-1.jpg?width=194What transpired over the past two weeks, with regard to the nomination process of a Supreme Court Justice, was vile, beneath contempt and well beyond the pale.

President Donald Trump had nominated a Judge with an impeccable judicial record for the position. Judge Brett Kavanaugh had already passed, without so much as a single red flag, six federal background checks throughout his career.

One of those federal background checks actually allowed him access to our nation’s nuclear codes and you can bet had anything even a little off been discovered in such a deep and complete background check, Kavanaugh would have never held any further federal position, and certainly would never have eventually found himself in a position to become a Supreme Court nominee.

The American Bar Association gave Judge Kavanaugh its absolute highest ranking based on everything from his rulings, decisions, writings and his demeanor.

While there will always be differences in the way liberals and Conservatives…


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  • believe me if the pres nominated God sen Durbin; Schumer; and others would have objected.   

    there is nothing they like even if they do it themself.   Their hatred of America is the tie that binds them AND IF THEY HATE THIS COUNTRY THEY ARE SURE FREE TO GO GOOD RIDDANS.

    Our schools are mostly liberal teachers and that is a huge problem.  Look at what they are taught surely not what we were.  THEY ARE BEING TAUGHT TO HATE AMERICA PERIOD.  NO IF AND OR BUT.  

    Look at A Ocasio-Cortez or David Hogg both liberals and yet Hoggs classmates are not all like him good home bringing i guess.  She on the other hand is a typical liberal nutcase.  

    Time is now to vote and we must The Kavanaugh horror is but a taste of what is to come w/them.

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