Savings & Loan Scandel

I know that I may not be the brightess star in the sky, but it seems to me that our Country had about the same money problems that are having now back in the early 1980"s with the savings & loan rip offs.The biggest differance is that now it is a government contolled rip off, with our government paying bankers, AIG, investment firms, mortage co., etc. to rip us off. At least back then some of the guilty was sent to prison for what they did, and the others went to Washington DC.With all that Nancy Pelosie has, and is still doing, which is an abuse of power, she should have to pay back every single cent, and spend some time for what she is stealing from us AMERICANS.SEMPER FI
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  • our goverment is making a huge power grab and the american are paying they now own the banks the auto indu fannie freddy with health care they will own your body and with cap and trade they take control of every thing that emits carbon living and non living
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