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Matthew Shepard legacy: 'Fake news'
by Linda Harvey
 As Religious Influence Ebbs in America,   Incivility Increases 
By Louis DeBroux: Is a post-Christian America a kinder, more tolerant America? It would not seem so.
          For decades angry progressives have attacked religion as the source of most social ills and demanded every last vestige of Christian influence be purged from the public square.
          It seems progressives are seeing their wish realized. Though America has long been a religious nation, the level of religious observance has been declining. According to data from Pew Research, in recent years, while the overwhelming majority of Americans say they believe in God, the number of those with no religious affiliation has skyrocketed from 6% in 1992 to 22% in 2014. Among Millennials, 35% have no religious connection.
          While the political Left is more apt to shun religion in general and Christianity in particular, this disturbing trend is showing up among an unexpected demographic: white Republicans. According to the Public Religion Research Institute, the percentage of white Republicans with no religious affiliation has almost tripled since 1990.
          If one accepts the Left's premise that religion is a negative influence in public life (what, with its opposition to same-sex marriage, abortion, etc.) then one would think a waning influence of Christianity would make America a more tolerant society, correct? Quite the opposite.
          As religious observance on the right and the left has eroded, studies show Christianity has been replaced not by a benign, tolerant multiculturalism, but increasingly polarized forms of tribalism. The Right embraces populist nationalism, the Left embraces identity politics. Absent the tempering influence of Christianity, which preaches love for fellow man, forgiveness and charity, the non-religious on both sides take a darker view of America's future, and increasingly see each other as not decent people with differing opinions, but as fundamentally bad people. Why is this?
          As Peter Beinert writes this month in The Atlantic, "Establishing causation is difficult, but we know that culturally conservative white Americans who are disengaged from church experience less economic success and more family breakdown than those who remain connected, and they grow more pessimistic and resentful."
          Beinert notes the political Left is not exempt from such dystopian thoughts, noting, "White Democrats who are disconnected from organized religion are substantially more likely than other white Democrats to call the American dream a myth." Likewise, the Black Lives Matter movement shuns peaceful protests like those led by black Christian clergy such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which was so successful in changing the hearts and minds of Americans during the civil rights movement.
          While the causation of the ebbing of Christianity can be debated, the effects are quite clear. Politics is too often a zero-sum game — we win, you lose. And with politics infecting every aspect of American life, and religion on the decline, is it any wonder Americans have become more factional, more confrontational, and more polarized?
          The political Left sees the populist nationalism of Donald Trump as a scary, dangerous development, claiming his supporters seek to harm and subjugate all who don't share their views or pigmentation. Yet leftists don't seem to grasp that the Trump phenomenon is in many ways a push-back against the Left's hypocritical demonization of its opponents. The irony of insulting and assaulting people as you lecture them on how dangerous their views are is lost on the Left.
          In the wake of Donald Trump's shocking election upset, progressives around the nation poured into the streets, rioting, assaulting Trump supporters, breaking windows, looting, and setting cars and buildings on fire. On college campuses, the bastions of leftist orthodoxy and indoctrination, students and even faculty routinely give tacit approval, and outright encouragement, to the sentiment that physically harming those with whom they disagree is justified.
          George Washington called religion and morality the "indispensable supports" of the American republic. John Adams declared the Constitution "wholly inadequate" to govern any but a moral and religious people. And British statesman Edmund Burke warned, "Men are qualified for civil liberty in exact proportion to their disposition to put moral chains upon their appetites. ... Society cannot exist unless a controlling power upon will and appetite be placed somewhere, and the less of it there is within, the more there must be without. It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters."
          Without the peaceful influence of religion, Americans gravitate toward a darker view of their country and their fellow man. Trust, civility and goodwill recede, replaced by a lust for power to secure to each the enforcement of his or her worldview.
          Beinert closes his analysis by saying, "Maybe it's the values of hierarchy, authority, and tradition that churches instill. Maybe religion builds habits and networks that help people better weather national traumas, and thus retain their faith that the system works. For whatever reason, secularization isn't easing political conflict. It's making American politics even more convulsive and zero-sum. For years, political commentators dreamed that the culture war over religious morality that began in the 1960s and '70s would fade. It has. And the more secular, more ferociously national and racial culture war that has followed is worse."
          Christianity in America is certainly not dead, but its influence has lessened and, as a result, the public discourse has become less civil. A restoration — a revival, if you will — of the Christian spirit is sorely needed.
          As Dennis Prager put it, "If you want a good world, the death of Judeo-Christian values should frighten you." 
~The Patriot Post
liar-nObama officials possibly facing
criminal charges for unmasking scheme
Subpoena liar-nObama, Impanel Grand Jury Tonight,
Spying And Unmasking Likely Criminal
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Sara Carter and Jay Sekulow join Sean Hannity as the anticipation for “smoking gun” revelations proving that liar-nObama spied on President Trump mounts. Hannity notes that every day, everything Carter said is coming true... He asks her what she thinks about what Devin Nunes has said and also about a James Rosen article just posted. She predicts it’s not going to be ” just one little piece of evidence but an accumulation of evidence that’s going to expose what’s been going on” with the liar-nObama regime spying on citizens. She recognizes that after the information is delivered to chairman Nunes tomorrow we’ll be much better informed. She notes the expansion by liar-nObama of the intelligence sharing under executive order 12333, wondering why and what changed. She asks, “If it was legal to collect all of this evidence, not the unmasking of all of these names, but if this was collected legally, was there something else that happened before this that we’re not aware of yet?” She felt Chairman Nunes was dancing around that question a little bit in his earlier interview with Hannity...
Companies That Might Build Trump’s Wall
Threatened by California Politicians
by Steve Byas
{} ~ “The state’s contracting and investment practices should reflect the values of our state,” California state Representative Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (D-San Diego) declared in explaining her co-authorship of Assembly Bill 946... designed to punish any construction company that participates in the building of a wall between Mexico and the United States, as envisioned by President Donald Trump. “It’s clear the people of California don’t want to invest in the hateful values that the Trump wall represents,” Fletcher added. Fletcher’s bill would dictate that the state’s two large pension systems — the California Public Employee Retirement System and the California State Teachers Retirement System — liquidate in companies that help build the wall. The total investment of the two retirement funds is $312 billion and $202 billion, respectively...The people of Calif don't all agree with Fletcher.
Rasmieh Odeh Reportedly Accepts Plea Deal
{} ~ Palestinian terrorist Rasmieh Odeh, who faces a May 16 retrial for naturalization fraud, reportedly has agreed to plead guilty and leave the United States in exchange for avoiding any prison time... According to a statement from her supporters, Odeh "has made the difficult decision to accept a plea agreement." The statement hailed the decision as "a victory, considering that the government had earlier fought for a sentence of 5-7 years." No court papers have been filed to confirm the report...
Maryland Rape Indicates Americans
Waking Up To Sanctuary City Nightmare
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Lou Dobbs has “a few thoughts now on the President’s latest efforts to fight against devastating sanctuary city policies. Approximately 300 sanctuary jurisdictions are ignoring immigration law enforcement, protecting dangerous illegal immigrants from deportation... The Trump administrations’ Homeland Security Department has just released its first weekly report.” “This report,” says Dobbs, “details 118 localities currently that refuse to cooperate in enforcing our immigration laws, citing 206 cases in which illegal immigrants were arrested and consequently released from jail without charge, despite recommendations from immigration and customs enforcement to detain them.” “The Trump administration now blaming sanctuary policies and lax border security for the brutal rape of a fourteen-year-old girl at a Rockville, MD high school. The defendants, eighteen-year-old illegal immigrants from Central America, welcomed warmly into the Montgomery County Public School System.”...
Matthew Shepard legacy: 'Fake news'
by Linda Harvey
{} ~ Is the accepted legacy of Matthew Shepard “fake news”?

Recently, a radio listener contacted me, concerned about yet another high school performing “The Laramie Project,” a play/movie depicting the most popular version of the events surrounding the 1998 murder of homosexual HIV-positive Wyoming college student Matthew Shepard.

This listener was also concerned that Matthew’s mother, Judy, is still speaking to high school groups and conveying a highly misleading message.

The truth-challenged “Laramie” play perpetuates “LGBTQ” mythology at numerous schools, and we can expect more before the annual pro-homosexual “Day of Silence,” Friday, April 21. High schools this year presenting this propaganda play are in Lewisville, Texas, Kalispell, Montana, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Chattanooga, Tennesee, and Canton, Georgia.

“Laramie” paints Shepard’s murder as an example of violent bigotry. So did prosecutors, who maintained that Aaron McKinney pistol-whipped Shepard because of “homophobia” after a drug and alcohol binge. Accomplice Russell Henderson was largely a bystander. Both are serving life sentences.

Media and homosexual activist groups descended on Laramie and, along with intense pressure even from then-President Bill liar-Clinton, spun the murder into a tale of “anti-gay hate” to advance hate-crimes legislation.

But those looking closely into the Shepard case see a completely different picture. Shepard was a victim, but also a victimizer. Ditto for killer Aaron McKinney.

Milo Yiannopoulos recently confirmed that many homosexuals are molested as minors. One author maintains that Matthew Shepard as well as his murderer fell into that category.

Journalist Stephen Jimenez, himself a homosexual, wrote “The Book of Matt” in 2013 after years of research, concluding that McKinney’s attack most likely arose from rage over an unsuccessful drug deal.

McKinney, Jimenez believes, planned to steal methamphetamine from Shepard, luring Shepard away from the bar that fateful night to force Shepard to hand over whatever quantity he possessed. McKinney craved another “high” but also needed the drug sales to pay off pressing debts.

“The Book of Matt” contends that both Shepard and McKinney were dealing drugs, probably working for Denver-based drug rings.

Also revealed in Jimenez’s interviews is the likelihood that McKinney and Shepard knew each other socially, possibly even sexually. Both were reportedly present in a limousine during a group sex encounter, according to Doc O’Connor, the driver.

“The Laramie Project” refused to research the sordid social circle of Shepard/O’Connor/McKinney. O’Connor was not just a “limo driver,” but a self-confessed “hustler” and former porn movie actor who drove groups to Fort Collins and Denver bars on drug and alcohol-laden excursions. Both Shepard and McKinney road in his limo. McKinney even lived on Doc’s property for a time.

Whether Doc himself was a dealer was never confirmed, but many of Jimenez’s sources alluded to O’Connor’s “escort service” where McKinney reportedly had sex with other males for money. Doc called him a “bisexual.”

Did McKinney’s girlfriend at the time, Kristen Price, know this? Her testimony to police started the “gay panic” defense for McKinney, which she later told Jimenez had been concocted by McKinney and herself before he was apprehended. The defense revealed that McKinney was troubled about being homosexually molested as a youth and had also engaged in homosexual sex with his cousin as a teen, so he was repulsed by an alleged advance made by Shepard, erupting in rage.

McKinney’s widely reported sexual activities belie such a defense, however, even if Shepard made unwanted advances, a fact Jimenez came to doubt.

“The Book of Matt” is dismissed by the left, but their criticism flags in the face of Jimenez’s painstaking research and courage to tell some inconvenient truths.

Shepard struggled with alcohol and drugs himself, but was reportedly also dealing. Friends reported he, too, was heavily in debt, and although an affectionately remembered friend, was hardly the meek homosexual student portrayed as the victim of redneck “homophobia.”

Shepard’s and McKinney’s drug involvement was left unexamined during the murder trials. But details on this and their sexual histories began to emerge through research for an ABC “20/20” documentary.

Shepard was raped in Morocco while on a senior class trip. But prior to that, according to Jimenez, Shepard had been convicted at age 15 of molesting two 8-year-old neighborhood boys in Jasper, Wyoming. The sealed records were unavailable during the trials.

So Shepard the victim also became a troubled victimizer, selling harmful drugs as well as changing the lives of two boys forever, just as his had changed. Shepard underwent treatment at one point for serious depression.

Why can’t the truth be told about the damage of homosexual molestation and the tragedy when teens are barred from counseling for that abuse? Both Shepard and McKinney exhibited profound personal dysfunction, albeit in different ways, that may well have resulted from childhood assault.

And yet six states and several cities ban counseling for teens with these unwanted attractions, even if they are the product of homosexual molestation.

“The myth of Matthew Shepard has been destroyed, ironically by a homosexual reporter,” said Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth. “Tragically, Shepard himself reportedly sexually abused boys when he was a teenager. Of course, don’t expect the media and the ‘LGBTQ’ lobby, who used his death for political gain, to correct the record.”

Drinking, drugs, sexual depravity, depression, even violence emerge in this story. But the fake news narrative benefits the agenda of the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

What qualifies Matthew’s parents to present “hate-crimes” training and lectures to Kentucky law students? They also spoke to 500 public school students in Lexington, Kentucky, in 2015. Apparently, they coordinate with the U.S. Department of Justice on hate-crimes “training.”

Their time would be more logically spent uncovering child sex abusers and demanding prosecution for perpetrators along with stronger enforcement of drug laws.

Matthew and Aaron deserved better, but could have behaved better. Sadly, Matt was prevented from the chance to overcome his past.

The child sexual abuse epidemic, its scars, along with the hope of treatment, needs to be unveiled.

Will homosexual activists be truly compassionate and let the truth be told, for the sake of children?
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