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The Importance of 'No-Men'
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The Difference Between 
scumbag-Schiff and Shinola
{  } ~ The moment House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi chose scumbag-Adam Schiff to be the point man for the House “impeachment inquiry,” the effort to create a credible case against President Trump was doomed... The overarching case the Democrats have made against Trump is that he is a deeply dishonest man and this fundamental flaw in his personality has inevitably manifested itself in a variety of impeachable offenses. This was the primary theme of the Russia collusion hoax, and it is the basic narrative underlying the Ukraine scandal. Consequently, the decision to put a man of scumbag-Schiff’s well-documented mendacity in charge of the inquiry was a colossal blunder. Before Russiagate collapsed, scumbag-Schiff claimed to have seen “ample evidence of collusion in plain sight.” That assertion turned out to be a cynical lie, of course. Then, when an anonymous bureaucrat filed a complaint concerning President Trump’s conduct during a July call with Ukrainian President Zelensky, scumbag-Schiff emphatically stated that neither he nor his committee had prior contact with the “whistleblower.” This misrepresentation was too much even for the Washington Post, which awarded him four “Pinocchios.” Worst of all, he fabricated part of the Trump–Zelensky transcript as he opened a hearing to investigate the matter. It’s hardly a surprise, then, that scumbag-Schiff’s impeachment inquiry has not exactly been a model of transparency. Closed-door hearings, selective release of transcripts, and leaks of deceptively edited testimony have exacerbated public uncertainty about scumbag-Schiff’s honesty. This lack of transparency has stunted the growth in voter support for impeachment that followed the whistleblower complaint. A recent Suffolk University/USA Today poll found that only 36.2 percent of registered voters favor impeachment. As for scumbag-Schiff’s credibility, a new Monmouth  survey reveals that 73 percent of voters have little or no trust in the conduct of his inquiry. Nor has scumbag-Schiff’s credibility been enhanced by his attempts to hide the identity of the whistleblower. Having repeatedly said that the House Intelligence Committee would interview this individual, scumbag-Schiff reversed himself. He  appeared on Face the Nation and claimed that President Trump had been “threatening the whistleblower” and that it had become necessary to protect the identity of the mystery witness for safety purposes. This is nonsense. Federal law protects whistleblowers against retaliation, but it doesn’t guarantee anonymity. This individual’s lawyer has nonetheless threatened to sue anyone who reveals his client’s name: Not many are taking that threat seriously, however. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul told Fox News anchor Bret Baier on Tuesday, when asked about the legality of revealing the whistleblower’s identity, “There’s nothing that prevents me from saying it.… There’s no law that prevents me from mentioning the name of who’s been said to be the whistleblower.” Sen. Paul continued, “I think he should be interviewed not as the whistleblower, but as a material witness to the loose lips liar-Biden corruption in Ukraine.” There is some doubt as to whether this individual is a “whistleblower” as the term is legally defined. As attorney and author Gregg Jarrett writes, To put it plainly, there is no whistleblower statute that permits an unelected and inferior federal employee to blow the whistle on the president, the most superior officer in the U.S. government.… Article II of the Constitution gives the president sweeping power to conduct foreign affairs, negotiate with leaders of other nations, make requests or solicit information. The Constitution does not grant the power of review, approval or disapproval to bureaucratic employees. Indeed, the whistleblower law explicitly excludes a complaint involving “differences of opinion concerning public policy matters.”...   
GOP's Jim Jordan moved to intelligence 
panel for public impeachment hearings
by Susan Ferrechio
{ } ~  The GOP’s top lawmaker on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will temporarily take a spot on the intelligence panel while it holds public impeachment hearings... Republican leaders decided Friday to move Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio to the House Intelligence Committee, where he will serve a key role cross-examining witnesses selected by Democrats, who control the majority. Rep. Rick Crawford of Arkansas is temporarily stepping aside to make room for Jordan on the intelligence panel. "Jim Jordan has been on the front lines in the fight for fairness and truth," House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California said in a statement. "His addition will ensure more accountability and transparency in this sham process.” Jordan has defended President Trump against charges he misused his office to get Ukraine to investigate former Vice President loose lips liar-Joe Biden. Jordan has also been critical of the closed-door impeachment proceedings and limitations on GOP participation in the process. Democrats have scheduled hearings to begin on Wednesday with the testimony of acting Ukraine Ambassador William Taylor, who told lawmakers in a closed-door deposition that he believed Trump was holding back security aid in an effort to get Ukraine to investigate loose lips liar-Biden.   
Abuse of Power: When LBJ Spied on Goldwater
{ } ~ Liberals bellyache over what they call “whataboutism.” It’s a handy tactic they’ve embraced to counter conservatives who remind them of unseemly things their icons have done in the past... for which liberals conveniently look the other way. They want to talk about Donald Trump and Russian collusion, and we have the audacity to remind them of the hard evidence a literal KGB memo of what their “Lion of the Senate,” Ted Kennedy, did with the Russians, which they dutifully ignored throughout Kennedy’s life. They find one insulting albeit questionable statement from Ronald Reagan and they begin removing his name from buildings, while they ignore a litany of offensive remarks and actions from icons ranging from Woodrow Wilson to Margaret Sanger to scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton. Heck, old Maggie gets a pass for speaking to the KKK in May 1926. We bring up really offensive things that they dutifully ignore. We say, “well, what about this?” and they cry foul — at our reminders. Well, too bad. Their ability to ignore the sins of their guys and gals is truly appalling, especially when they make mountains out of every molehill they try to uncover with Republicans. Donald Trump’s situation with loose lips liar-Joe and Hunter Biden and the Ukraine is merely the latest exhibit. Here again, we could give example after example of their favorite Democrat presidents abusing the powers of state. Pick your poison, progressives: FDR? Kennedy? LBJ? Let’s go with LBJ today. As liberals dig furiously for evidence of an abuse of power by President Trump against a Democrat presidential rival, let’s hop into the time machine for a history lesson of what President Lyndon Baines Johnson did to Sen. Barry Goldwater in anticipation of the 1964 presidential race. What LBJ did has not been bothered with by liberal journalists or historians, whose job is to ignore those transgressions. The few sources to address LBJ’s Goldwater malfeasance have been conservative ones. That’s all the more reason for liberals to quit reading now and cover their eyes. Most recently, LBJ’s shenanigans against Goldwater were addressed in Mark Levin’s new book, Unfreedom of the Press. In turn, Levin has mentioned it on his radio show. Prior to Levin, one needs to go back a decade to the work of conservative historian Lee Edwards. A longtime professor at Catholic University of America and scholar in residence at the Heritage Foundation, Edwards wrote the first biography of Ronald Reagan, way back in 1967 — Reagan’s first year as governor. Prior to that, Edwards worked on the Goldwater campaign and was a firsthand witness to what was going on. He became one of the first biographers of Goldwater. And before Edwards’ reporting on LBJ’s mischief beginning over a decade ago, Barry Goldwater himself alluded to it in his 1988 memoir — though it was Edwards who most extensively uncovered and detailed what happened. So, what did LBJ do? Edwards wrote a piece in June 2005 titled “Lyndon Johnson’s Watergate,”  posted at the website of the Heritage Foundation, long before anyone could conceive the words “President Donald Trump.” There he wrote, It was a political scandal of unprecedented proportions: the deliberate, systematic, and illegal misuse of the FBI and the CIA by the White House in a presidential campaign. The massive black-bag operations, bordering on the unconstitutional and therefore calling for impeachment, were personally approved by the president. They included planting a CIA spy in his opponent’s campaign committee, wiretaps on his opponent’s top political aides, illegal FBI checks, and the bugging of his opponent’s campaign airplane. The president? Lyndon B. Johnson. The target? Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona, the 1964 Republican presidential candidate...   
Netanyahu appoints Bennett as 
defense minister; Likud, New Right to unite
by ~ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday offered New Right party leader Naftali Bennett the position of defense minister... in a move widely seen as a bid to prevent Bennett joining a Blue and White-led government. The premier’s Likud party said Netanyahu, who is also defense minister, met Bennett in the morning, during which the prime minister extended the offer. The appointment will be voted on at the next cabinet meeting, the party said. New Right accepted the offer, said party number 2 Ayelet Shaked, adding that Netanyahu had offered it a choice of two smaller ministries, from Agriculture, Diaspora Affairs and Welfare, or just Defense. “I am convinced this is correct for the state of Israel,” she tweeted. Bennett and Shaked famously gave Netanyahu an ultimatum in 2018, threatening to pull out of his government if Bennett was not appointed defense minister, but ultimately backed down when Netanyahu called their bluff. Bennett has relentlessly criticized the government’s handling of violence from Hamas-run Gaza, demanding a harsher response, both when he served in the coalition and subsequently. The current appointment is temporary. “Bennett agreed in the event that a new government is formed, such as a broad unity or a narrow right-wing government, another person will be appointed to the position of defense minister,” the Likud statement said. Likud also said it and New Right would “immediately” become a joint faction in the current Knesset, meaning that they would vote together as a united faction but not actually merge parties, the statement said...
U.S. Senate confirms Washington County 
Judge Danielle Hunsaker for 
9th Circuit federal appeals court seat
By Maxine Bernstein 
{ } ~ The U.S. Senate on Wednesday confirmed Washington County Presiding Judge Danielle J. Hunsaker to fill a vacant seat on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals... The Senate, without discussion, voted 73-17 to confirm Hunsaker, who had the support of only one of Oregon’s two Democratic senators. Sen. Jeff Merkley last week said he wouldn’t vote to confirm Hunsaker, saying she lacked experience for the lifetime post. Sen. Ron Wyden gave his support, saying he believes she has "displayed the judicial temperament'' needed for the position. Hunsaker, 42, was one of four names that Wyden and Merkley had forwarded to the White House for consideration after the senators vigorously opposed the last nominee for the seat, federal prosecutor Ryan Bounds. Bounds’ name was suddenly withdrawn from consideration in July 2018 when it became clear the Senate didn’t have the votes to confirm him. In August, President Donald J. Trump nominated Hunsaker to fill the court vacancy. Gov. Kate Brown appointed Hunsaker to the bench in 2017. She previously was a partner at Larkins Vacura Kayser law firm in Portland, where she practiced civil and appellate litigation in state and federal court. Hunsaker had clerked for 9th Circuit Judge Diarmuid F. O’Scannlain, whose seat she will fill. O’Scannlain assumed senior status in December 2016. After graduating from the University of Idaho College of Law, Hunsaker served as a law clerk to Judge Paul J. Kelly Jr., of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and for Oregon  District Judge Michael W. Mosman. She later clerked for O’Scannlain...   
Fox News bans hosts from using name 
of alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella
by John Gage
{ } ~ A Fox News executive sent an email directive to its staff that the network had not confirmed the name of the whistleblower and therefore did not want hosts naming... who they thought the whistleblower is. The email, sent by a company executive and obtained by CNN on Wednesday, dictated that hosts were not to name the whistleblower, and production staffers were commanded to "not fulfill any video or graphic requests" in connection to the whistleblower's identity. The ban includes Fox's prime-time hosts who have all largely supported President Trump. Hannity claimed this week that he had "multiple confirmations" of the identity of the whistleblower who is at the center of the Trump impeachment debate. The Fox News host blamed the whistleblower's lawyers and threats of lawsuits rather than Fox News executives for the reason he was not divulging the name. The lawyers for the whistleblower told the  Washington Examiner they never threatened Hannity with a lawsuit. One Fox News anchor, Howard Kurtz, defended not releasing the name of the whistleblower, saying it would send a "chilling message" to whistleblowers in the future. Some conservatives and media outlets have speculated that Eric Ciaramella is the whistleblower that accused Trump of offering Ukraine a quid pro quo. The lawyers for the whistleblower have called any attempts to name the individual "the pinnacle of irresponsibility and is intentionally reckless." Thats BS Fox.
The Importance of 'No-Men'
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Shortly after Jim Bakker’s release from prison in July 1994, I invited the disgraced TV evangelist to my home. There was an important question I wanted to ask him.

Some background: Bakker and his “Praise the Lord” (PTL) associates sold $1,000 “lifetime memberships” to people who were promised annual three-night stays at his Heritage USA luxury hotel complex in Fort Mill, South Carolina. According to what prosecutors revealed at his trial on fraud charges, Bakker sold tens of thousands of these memberships for a hotel that had only 500 rooms planned and was never completed. It was alleged Bakker kept $3.4 million of the money for himself and the rest paid for Heritage USA’s operating expenses.

“When did you start to go wrong?” I asked Bakker. His answer was instructive: “When I began to surround myself with people who told me only what I wanted to hear.”

I thought of that statement when I read a comment by former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who told a gathering in Sea Island, Georgia, sponsored by The Washington Examiner, what he had said to President Trump before leaving his position: “I said whatever you do, don’t hire a ‘yes man,’ someone who won’t tell you the truth – don’t do that, because if you do, I believe you will be impeached.”

The latest White House Press Secretary, Stephanie Grisham, sounded like a “yes-woman” when she responded to Kelly: “I worked with John Kelly, and he was totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great president.”

The key to great leadership is to not overly regard yourself, to understand you don’t know everything, realize that, like everyone else, you are flawed and can make bad judgments, and to surround yourself with people who think well enough of you to tell you the truth from their perspective, even when it disagrees with yours. As long as the objective is to help you succeed with your agenda, such advice can be valuable and even humbling, humility being one of humanity’s better characteristics and a grace that appears in short supply in Washington.

Another story along these lines was told to me by one of the late Billy Graham’s associates. After a particularly successful evening during which thousands came forward in response to an invitation to receive Christ as Savior, Graham and his team went back to their hotel room. The aide said he told Graham, “You’re not as great as they think you are.” He said Graham responded, “Don’t I know it.”

Some of those evangelical “advisers” to President Trump might consider a verse with which they must be familiar. It is from Proverbs 15:22: “Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.”

Israel’s King Solomon is said to have written that and most of the Proverbs, which are as good a guidebook for living (and leading) as has ever been written, even for non-believers.

Generals require committed privates in order to achieve success in warfare. Presidents need the same, along with staff who don’t always tell them what they want to hear, but sometimes what they need to hear.   ~The Patriot Post  

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