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'Everyone I Don't Like Is Hitler'
Nate Jackson  
Jim Jordan Discusses Embarrassing 
Spectacle of Hope Hicks Testimony
by sundance } ~ Jim Jordan appears on Fox News to explain how House Judiciary Committee Chairman scumbag liar-Jerry Nadler is attempting to weave a tenuous impeachment plan... through the politicization of ongoing congressional hearings.  The latest evidence is within in the testimony of former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks. 
'America First' allies say Trump saved
presidency from John Bolton by
scrapping Iran strike
tJtXDlex12U86RVfMMkMC2YQ4WEUOte-uonkPBZLN70qUgypxAe19egDDseNVjG0r0hj4SIWiEUL0ajIX0Tr9AH8vhd1iCsEwiHTSNa2_4tdcI13RjHEeggIw6I4wXWNUzff8dcyrsvBQEbmJZVRQOKSnwf3RQC4eQjWPXlTIm41IkGA4AoJd8smjCH8dsgrZRC9f9kGdgthsyOl8O9BZSRsvsnxy3Wf5zjohPCoFqkpuFJvmIFd-oVM69itLL0FmPVV93LUdEicA43cDt9ErBVQI9kpW2P2LldEud9EgLGPOwUELpNN5CoWFj5QlHu7HIR393I2__ILVEiLB31S_mQu4DHRbnd4xvlCeB9Y77j9Kms=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby Steven Nelson } ~ Non-interventionist Trump allies are cheering President Trump's Thursday night decision to buck his most senior advisers and abandon an airstrike on Iran... saying the decision could help him win reelection while preventing a major regional war. Trump canceled the bombing of Iran after authorizing it, saying via Twitter he learned 150 Iranians might die, and that it would not be proportional to the loss of one U.S. drone. National security adviser John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reportedly favored the attack, after issuing aggressive  recent statements on Iran. “He doesn’t trust them. He felt that they were cornering him into something he did not want to do," said a former White House official whose work included foreign policy, adding he believes Trump weighed the effects of an attack on his reelection in deciding against it. Cliff Sims, the former White House communications aide who documented West Wing intrigues in his book Team of Vipers, said Trump notably stuck to his campaign trail aversion to Mideast wars. "Trump's gut instincts on foreign policy are spot on. It takes a lot of backbone to remain clear-eyed when the foreign policy establishment, even inside his own White House, starts banding the drums of war," Sims said. "He showed real strength by refusing to buckle to pressure to immediately strike Iran."...  
FBI, warned early and often that Manafort 
file might be fake, used it anyway
by John Solomon
{} ~ When the final chapter of the Russia collusion caper is written, it is likely two seminal documents the FBI used to justify investigating Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign will turn out to be bunk... And the behavior of FBI agents and federal prosecutors who promoted that faulty evidence may disturb us more than we now know. The first, the Christopher Steele dossier, has received enormous attention. And the more scrutiny it receives, the more its truthfulness wanes. Its credibility has declined so much that many now openly question how the FBI used it to support a surveillance warrant against the Trump campaign in October 2016. At its best, the Steele dossier is an “unverified and salacious” political research memo funded by Trump’s Democratic rivals. At worst, it may be Russian disinformation worthy of the “garbage” label given it by esteemed reporter Bob Woodward. The second document, known as the “black cash ledger,” remarkably has escaped the same scrutiny, even though its emergence in Ukraine in the summer of 2016 forced Paul Manafort to resign as Trump's campaign chairman and eventually face U.S. indictment. In search warrant affidavits, the FBI portrayed the ledger as one reason it resurrected a criminal case against Manafort that was dropped in 2014 and needed search warrants in 2017 for bank records to prove he worked for the Russian-backed Party of Regions in Ukraine. There’s just one problem: The FBI’s public reliance on the ledger came months after the feds were warned repeatedly that the document couldn’t be trusted and likely was a fake, according to documents and more than a dozen interviews with knowledgeable sources. Understandably, there isn’t much public sympathy for foreign lobbyists such as Manafort. But the FBI and prosecutors should be required to play by the rules and use solid evidence when making its cases...  
Burgess Owens on Reparations: 'How About 
the Democratic Party Pay for All the 
Misery It Brought to My Race?'
pg9LNVJ9VpY6rPFJxxxJL9qJMxz5BGgCghgQOp1MT_VkDbJAshtYn72LUpmZxH3PQZdcxYYCVEXK1p1Hb1yAFHUKNWM0kdTC4SOStWWAy62cBOvTB1ETBVM8eV78x0vV9PDRjIqPLA3vUPmu_XYDaAdUY2X5qgoMBNpbKNBNphpaCcXAFUttvrwvA-Pm=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby Nicholas Ballasy } ~ Burgess Owens, an author and former NFL Player who was a witness at a congressional subcommittee hearing on reparations... suggested that the Democratic Party should pay "restitution" for the "misery" it brought to his race in the past. Burgess was referring to members of the Democratic Party who supported slavery in the Civil War era and voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Burgess, who opposes reparations, explained that he was a registered Democrat until he learned more about its history. “I used to be a Democrat until I did my history and found out the misery that that party brought to my race," Burgess said at a House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties hearing on Wednesday focused on H.R. 40, the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act. "Lets point to the party that was part of slavery, KKK, Jim Crow, that has killed over 40 percent of our black babies, 20 million of them." "Let's pay restitution. How about the Democratic Party pay for all the misery brought to my race and those, after we learn our history, who decide to stay there, they should pay also. They're complicit. And every white American, Republican or Democrat, that feels guilty because of their white skin, you should need to pony up also -- that way we can get past this reparation and recognize that this country has given us greatness," Burgess said. "Look at this panel. It doesn't matter how we think. It doesn't matter our color. We have become successful in this country like no other because of this great opportunity to live the American dream. Let's not steal that from our kids by telling them they can't do it," he added. Additional witnesses at the hearing included Ta-Nehisi Coates, distinguished writer in residence with the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute of New York University, Dr. Julianne Malveaux, economist and political commentator, Rt. Rev. Eugene Taylor Sutton with the Episcopal Bishop of Maryland as well as Professor Eric J. Miller of Loyola Marymount University...
'Everyone I Don't Like Is Hitler'
Nate Jackson:  It’s nothing new for leftists to hurl the “ultimate” insult at conservative opponents — the inevitable comparison to Nazis generally or Adolf Hitler specifically. As we’ve noted before, they root this insult in decades of propaganda in American schools mislabeling the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis) as “right wing.” Wikipedia’s definition is both typical and particularly hilarious for its incoherence: The Nazi party “was a far-right political party in Germany … that created and supported the ideology of National Socialism.”

Read that again.

The bottom line is that leftists don’t want to be associated with ideologues who murdered millions based on race/ethnicity. Never mind that National Socialism’s leftist ideological sibling, Marxist Socialism, resulted in the murder of tens of millions based on politics and power.

Thus, leftists accuse anti-totalitarian Republicans of being totalitarian Nazis. President Donald Trump has been slapped with this label more times than we can count, even though if he’s trying to be a Nazi, he’s doing it all wrong. This week brought several new comparisons.

It all started with the obnoxious and ignorant representative from the Bronx, commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who declared that the U.S. Border Patrol is “running concentration camps on our southern border.” For good measure, she added that Trump’s is “an authoritarian and fascist presidency.”

Likewise, CNN’s Don Lemon, while lecturing about Trump and race, said, “Think about the despicable people we’ve had in history. … Think about Hitler.” His argument was essentially that Trump and conservatives who say things he doesn’t like should be censored because they’re just like Hitler.

CNN’s scumbag-Chris Cuomo — we can’t believe we’re saying this — got it right, firing back at Lemon, “Comparing anything to an extreme like a Hitler weakens the argument.” He added, “A guy who says things I don’t like … is not necessarily a step away from a genocidal maniac.”

As for House Speaker liar-Nancy Pulosi, she’s smart enough not to invoke the Nazis, but she did nearly everything but and didn’t exactly rebuke commie-Ocasio-Cortez for her hateful hyperbole. Instead, liar-Pulosi added to it, calling Trump’s plan to uphold the law by deporting illegal aliens “cruel,” “discriminatory,” “an act of utter malice and bigotry,” and “inflicting inhumanity.” She then had the gall to accuse Trump of “sabotaging good-faith efforts” to solve the immigration problem.

If it’s “good faith” to call Trump a Nazi — or even just the relatively mild epithets liar-Pulosi hurled — we’d hate to see an ugly attack.

To tie this all together, it’s more than ironic that the Democratic Socialists are screaming that Trump’s enforcement of immigration law — never mind his agenda of deregulation and smaller government — represents totalitarianism, while it is their party advocating not just government control of our lives and redistribution of our income but censorship and punishment for all who dare disagree.

Who are the real totalitarians?  ~The Patriot Post  

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