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The False Compassion of Liberalism
by Stephen Moore
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Seattle files lawsuit over sanctuary cities funding threat. (NBC News)
Trump declares, "Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don't get on the team," and "we must fight" them in 2018 midterm elections. (The Washington Post)
Report: liar-nObama officials blocked Comey from going public about Russian interference last summer. (Washington Examiner)
liar-Clinton-era State Department official supplied information to Chinese intelligence for cash. (The Washington Free Beacon)
Trump travel ban: Hawaii judge extends hold on implementing executive order. (Fox News)
VA tried to pay $10 million for 25 parking spaces, and 20-year official's excuse is that he's new. (The Daily Signal)
Trump administration is right: Open the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository. (Reason)
Interior secretary reopens federal coal mining. (The Hill)
U.S. oil producers continue to put pressure on OPEC. (CNBC)
Arizona college student fights for "mankind," penalized for refusing gender-neutral term — hello 1984. (The Washington Times)
Policy: California's moral atrocity. (National Review)
Policy: The truth about the economic impact of North Carolina's "bathroom bill." (Daily Signal~The Patriot Post
That time China interfered with U.S. elections…
by Sharyl Attkisson
{} ~ Let me be clear: Do I think it’s possible Russia tried to influence the outcome of our elections? Absolutely. In fact, I consider it quite likely. Not because of the unsubstantiated conclusions made in the press... but because intelligence officials I trust tell me that Russia and other nations have attempted to influence our elections for decades, the same way we’ve often dabbled in influencing foreign elections. However, the disproportionate media and political attention paid to Russia’s alleged efforts in 2016—and to the Russia threat generally —smacks of politics and propaganda. For example, top former liar-nObama intel sources tell me they consider N. Korea, by far, the biggest foreign threat to the U.S. today. But N. Korea is barely mentioned in news reports. These intel officials put Iran and China next on the threat list—both, again, rarely discussed on the news, relative to Russia. The intel experts also mention ISIS and Islamist extremist terrorism as higher on the list than Russia. Further, when it comes to election-tampering, some intel sources consider China to be a more egregious, proven offender...
Justice Department joins suit alleging
massive Medicare fraud by UnitedHealth
by Fred Schulte
{} ~ The Justice Department has joined a California whistleblower’s lawsuit that accuses insurance giant UnitedHealth Group of fraud in its popular Medicare Advantage health plans... Justice officials filed legal papers to intervene in the suit, first brought by whistleblower James Swoben in 2009, on Friday in federal court in Los Angeles. On Monday, they sought a court order to combine Swoben’s case with that of another whistleblower. Swoben has accused the insurer of “gaming” the Medicare Advantage payment system by “making patients look sicker than they are,” said his attorney, William K. Hanagami. Hanagami said the combined cases could prove to be among the “larger frauds” ever against Medicare, with damages that he speculates could top $1 billion...
Nunes’ Sources Are Inside The White House —
Here Are Their Names
by Chuck Ross
The New York Times has revealed the two White House officials who helped provide House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes... with information showing that the liar-nObama administration incidentally collected intelligence on Donald Trump advisers. Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the senior director for intelligence at the National Security Council, and Michael Ellis, a lawyer in the office of the White House counsel, are the two officials, according to The Times. Nunes, a California Republican and member of the Trump transition team, has refused to disclose how he obtained information showing the liar-nObama administration’s incidental surveillance of the Trump team. Nunes announced the new details in a surprise press conference on Wednesday. During the briefing, Nunes suggested that his source was an intelligence community whistleblower.
Putin Channels Bush – “Read My Lips,
No” Russian Meddling
by Rick Wells
{} ~ CNN probably won’t want to follow the lead of RT and report on the latest statement by Russian President Putin regarding the claims made by the fake news propaganda establishment about his nation and the 2016 election... In a question and answer session at the Arctic Forum, President Putin was asked by a reporter, “I just want to be very clear about this, you and the Russian government didn’t, never tried to influence the outcome of the US Presidential election and there will be no evidence found.” Putin took off his headset, stared into the face of the questioning reporter and responded, in his native Russian as he pointed to his mouth, “Read my lips – NO.” Putin adopted a very animated expression to accentuate his comments. If only the Democrats would stop sabotaging our interactions to make political hay, or to save their access to crooked, underhanded deals, we might be able to normalize relations between our two countries...
Dr. Phil Interview Exposes Global Elite Pedophiles
by Alex Newman
{} ~ In what may be the most explosive episode of his high-profile television career, psychologist and TV show host Dr. Phil exposed the little-known phenomenon of human trafficking of sex slaves among the elite echelons of society... According to Dr. Phil, the victim, and reliable sources who corroborated her story, the girl — now a young woman, perhaps in her mid-20s — was flown around the world on private jets and forced to have sexual relations and engage in unspeakable acts with wealthy businessmen, political leaders, and other establishment figures. Much of what was described on the Dr. Phil Show sounded satanic, analysts said. Experts who have studied the phenomenon, though, say this story is just the tip of a gigantic iceberg that stretches across the globe and is especially concentrated in power centers such as Washington, D.C., New York City, and London...
The False Compassion of Liberalism
by Stephen Moore
Last week on CNN I debated a liberal commentator who complained that the problem with President Donald Trump's budget blueprint is that it lacks "compassion" for the poor, for children and for the disabled. This woman went on to ask me how I could defend a budget that would cut Meals on Wheels, after-school programs and special-education funding, because without the federal dollars, these vital services would go away.

This ideology -- that the government action is a sign of compassion -- is upside-down and contrary to the Christian notion of charity.

We all, as individuals, can and should act compassionately and charitably. We can volunteer our time, energy and dollars to help the underprivileged. We can feed the hungry, house the homeless. Most of us feel a moral and ethical responsibility to do so -- to "do unto others."

And we do fulfill that obligation more than the citizens of almost any other nation. International statistics show that Americans are the most charitable people in the world and the most likely to engage in volunteerism. Whenever there is an international crisis -- an earthquake, a flood, a war -- Americans provide more assistance than the people of any other nation.

But government, by its nature, is not compassionate. It can't be. It is nothing other than a force. Government can only spend a dollar to help someone when it forcibly takes a dollar from someone else. At its core, government welfare is predicated on a false compassion. This isn't to say that government should never take collective action to help people. But these actions are based on compulsion, not compassion.

If every so-called "patriotic millionaire" would simply donate half of their wealth to serving others we could solve so many of the social problems in this country without a penny of new debt or taxes. My friend Arthur Brooks, the president of American Enterprise Institute, has noted in his fabulous book "Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism" that conservatives donate more than the self-proclaimed compassionate liberals.

The liberal creed seems to be: "We care so much about poor people, climate change, income inequality and protecting the environment or whatever the cause of the day)that there is no limit to how much money should be taken out of other people's wallets to solve these problems."

Let's take Meals on Wheels. Is this a valuable program to get a nutritious lunch or dinner to infirmed senior citizens? Of course, yes. Do we need the government to fund it? Of course not. I have participated in Meals on Wheels and other such programs, making sandwiches or delivering hot lunches. And many tens of thousands of others donate their time and money every day for this worthy cause.

Why is there any need for government here? The program works fine on its own. Turning this sort of charitable task over to government only makes people act less charitably on their own. It leads to an "I gave at the office" mentality, which leads to less generosity. It also subjects these programs to federal rules and regulations that could cripple the programs. Why must the federal government be funding after-school programs -- or any school programs, for that matter?

One of my favorite stories of American history dates back to the 19th century when Col. Davy Crockett, who fought at the Alamo, served in Congress. In a famous incident, Congress wanted to appropriate $100,000 to the widow of a distinguished navel officer. Crockett took to the House floor and delivered his famous speech, relevant as ever: "We have the right, as individuals, to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right to so appropriate a dollar of the public money. ... I am the poorest man on this floor. I cannot vote for this bill, but I will give one week's pay to the object, and if every member of Congress will do the same, it will amount to more than the bill asks."

Crockett was the only member of Congress who donated personally to the widow, while the members of Congress who pretended to be so caring and compassionate closed their wallets.

It all goes to show that liberal do-gooders were as hypocritical then as they are today.
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