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Golsteyn Case Calls For Pardon
Harold Hutchison  
scumbag-Schiff pushed Volker 
to say Ukraine felt pressure from Trump
by Byron York
{ } ~ In a secret interview, Rep. scumbag-Adam Schiff, leader of the House Democratic effort to impeach President Trump, pressed former United States special representative to Ukraine Kurt Volker to testify that Ukrainian officials felt pressured to investigate... former Vice President loose lips liar-Joe Biden's son Hunter as a result of Trump withholding U.S. military aid to Ukraine. Volker denied that was the case, noting that Ukrainian leaders did not even know the aid was being withheld and that they believed their relationship with the U.S. was moving along satisfactorily, without them having done anything Trump mentioned in his notorious July 25 phone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. When Volker repeatedly declined to agree to scumbag-Schiff's characterization of events, scumbag-Schiff said, "Ambassador, you're making this much more complicated than it has to be." The interview took place Oct. 3 in a secure room in the U.S. Capitol. While the session covered several topics, the issue of an alleged quid pro quo — U.S. military aid in exchange for a Ukrainian investigation of the loose lips liar-Bidens and a public announcement that such an investigation was underway — was a significant part of the discussion. "The Ukrainians didn't want to be drawn into investigating a Democratic candidate for president, which would mean only peril for Ukraine, is that fair to say?" scumbag-Schiff asked Volker. "That may be true," Volker said. "That may be true. They didn't express that to me, and, of course, I didn't know that was the context at the time." Volker has said he did not know that Trump had mentioned the loose lips liar-Bidens on the July 25 call with Zelensky until the rough transcript of the call was released on Sept. 25. "Part of the other context is vital military support is being withheld from the Ukraine during this period, right?" scumbag-Schiff asked. "That was not part of the context at the time," Volker said. "At least to my knowledge, they Ukrainian leaders were not aware of that." scumbag-Schiff asked whether Volker had discussed the withholding of aid with Ukrainian officials. Volker said he had not. The first time he talked with the Ukrainians about that was when a story appeared in the press, an article in Politico, "Trump holds up Ukraine military aid meant to confront Russia," on Aug. 28-29, well after the July 25 Trump-Zelensky phone call...   
House Intel Republicans: scumbag-Adam Schiff 
Is Hiding Impeachment Documents from Us
{ } ~ All nine Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee sent a letter to panel chairman Rep. scumbag-Adam Schiff (D-CA) in which they accuse him of “withholding the existence” of documents as part of the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump... “The highly irregular manner in which you are conducting your so-called ‘impeachment inquiry’ gravely concerns us, as does the fact that you have decreed this matter to bee under HPSCI’s jurisdiction despite it lacking any clear intelligence component,” the letter reads. “Further, given that you have recently acknowledged that the Committee no longer needs to receive testimony from the whistleblower, your ‘impeachment inquiry’ lacks any relationship with the jurisdiction of this Committee.”“As you are aware, the Committee was established to conduct crucial oversight of the Intelligence Comunity, and we are increasingly concerns about normal work is being overlooked in favor of partisan activities best suited for another Committee, the lawmakers added. The letter is signed by Reps. Devin Nunes (D-CA), Michael Conaway (R-TX), Michael Turner (R-OH), Brad Wenstrup (R-OH), Chris Stewart (R-UT), Rick Crawford (R-AR), Elise Stefanik (R-NY), Will Hurd (R-TX), and John Ratcliffe (R-TX).The letter comes as House Republicans are preparing to vote Monday on censuring scumbag-Schiff over his handling of the impeachment probe. “What I have found with scumbag-Adam Schiff is that three times to the American public he has lied,” House Minority Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said during a Friday press conference. “When you serve on the intelligence committee, it’s different than any other committee in the House because you will read and gather information that members of the House can’t have knowledge,” added McCarthy. “So, when a member of the intelligence committee speaks about something, we hold them to a higher standard.” As of Wednesday, nearly two-thirds (123) of House Republicans back House Freedom Caucus Chairman Andy Biggs’ (R-AZ) resolution to condemn the California Democrat. scumbag-Schiff set off a political firestorm for recounting a fictional call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a recent committee hearing regarding a so-called “whistleblower’s” complaint about the call. He also made false statements about his panel having never spoken to the whistleblower, who recent reports state is a registered Democrat that worked with former Vice President loose lips liar-Joe Biden in the scumbag/liar-nObama White House.   
 Hannity Blasts ‘Idiotic’ White House Chief Of 
Staff Mick Mulvaney For Ukraine Comments
{ } ~ Fox News host Sean Hannity threw White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney under the bus on Thursday for giving fodder to political opponents... looking to prove a quid pro quo relationship between the president and Ukraine. Mulvaney held a press briefing earlier in the day and told reporters that President Donald Trump at least partially held up military aide to Ukraine so that the country would agree to investigate meddling in the 2016 election and whether or not Ukraine had access to the hacked Democratic National Committee (DNC) server. “Did President Trump also mention to me in passing the corruption related to the DNC server? Absolutely—no question about that. That’s it, and that’s why we held up the money,” Mulvaney said. The chief of staff later tried to clarify his comments, asserting in a statement that there was “no quid pro quo” regarding military aide and the DNC server. Hannity, one of the president’s most ardent defenders on cable news, slammed Mulvaney for the less-than-artful briefing on his radio show, calling the White House official “dumb” and “idiotic.” “What is Mulvaney even talking about?” Hannity said. “I just think he’s dumb, I really do. I don’t even think he knows what he’s talking about. That’s my take on it.”  You don’t need a chief of staff’s idiotic interpretation of things when the president and the president of Ukraine and everybody else can read it all themselves,” Hannity said, referring to the released transcript of Trump’s call with Ukraine. “That’s what’s amazing.” Trump, when asked about Mulvaney’s comments by reporters at the White House on Friday, stated, “he clarified it.”
IAEA Mum on Iran's Illicit 
Nuclear Activities in Germany
{ } ~ Material in a batch of German intelligence documents on Tehran’s illegal nuclear conduct in the federal republic as late as 2018 necessitate “confronting Iran with the intelligence and asking hard questions,”... according to one of the leading international authorities on arms control. Emily B. Landau, director of the Arms Control and Regional Security Project at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, told The Jerusalem Post  that the documents prove that Iran has not kept to its commitment outlined in the 2015 nuclear deal. “First, it is important that this intel be widely published and that it become part of the public debate over Iran, as it indicates that Iran has not complied with its commitment not to work on military nuclear capability,” she said. “From my perspective, the most important thing at this point is to have it widely known that Iran did not stop everything in 2015 when the nuclear deal was reached, because the debate in Europe ignores this,” she said, adding, “The point is that it Iran has continued these efforts well after the JCPOA [(Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) was reached.” Landau is the author of Arms Control in the Middle East: Cooperative Security Dialogue and Regional Constraints. She noted that the Iran deal “set up a special channel regarding procurement for checking issues of this sort,” which is of the sort detailed in the German intelligence documents. “The problem is that the deliberations there get close to zero attention.” The  International Atomic Energy Agency, tasked with ensuring Iran’s regime is in compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal, declined to comment on the documents.  When asked whether the IAEA had reviewed the German intelligence documents, Fredrik Dahl, an IAEA spokesman, told the Post: “We have no comment.” Dahl also declined to answer follow-up questions about whether the IAEA will review the reports...   
After Blocking S. 386, Sen. scumbag-Durbin Introduces RELIEF Act to Increase 
Legal Immigration
by ~ Once again, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) asked for unanimous consent from the Senate this week to pass the Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act, S. 386 in the Senate and H.R. 1044 in the House... that would lift per-country caps for employment-based green cards, but Sen. scumbag-Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) objected. Sen. scumbag-Durbin used his objection to introduce new legislation, the RELIEF Act, which would substantially increase the number of green cards issued each year, including clear the existing backlog of employment-based green cards over five years. Sen. Lee's bill has faced heavy opposition from American tech workers and other groups. The bill would remove the per-country cap that restricts the number of employment-based green cards that can go to nationals from each country, allowing for most of the future green cards to go to nationals from India. The American Workers Coalition has said that "the silent epidemic of cheap foreign labor displacing American workers will continue and worsen if this legislation is passed." Sen. scumbag-Durbin has objected twice to Sen. Lee's request to pass the legislation through unanimous consent. Sens. David Perdue (R-Ga.) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) have also objected. But Sen. scumbag-Durbin's objection, like that of Sens. Perdue and Paul, is not based on his concern for American workers, but rather because he thinks the better solution is to massively increase the number of green cards issued each year. His RELIEF Act, that he co-introduced with Sen. scumbag-Pat Leahy (D-Vt.), would: Eliminate the current green card backlog over 5 years, which would result in an increase of 4 million green cards over the next 5 years. Increase annual immigration by removing spouses and minor children from the employment-based pool of green cards and shifting them to the immediate family categories. This would result in an increase of between 50,000-100,000 green cards per year. Eliminate the per-country caps for employment based green cards.   
38 People Violated Law In scumbag/liar-Hillary’s Email Probe — Here’s What We Know So Far…
by Wes Walker
{ } ~ Almost 600 security violations! The long wait is over… well, sort of. We will still need to see who gets charged. There is doubtless a lot more to unpack in this story... including the potential criminal implications of those involved. Here is what the Associated Press has reported so far: The State Department has completed its internal investigation into former Secretary of State scumbag/liar-Hillary Rodham Clinton’s use of private email and found violations by 38 people, some of whom may face disciplinary action. Now that they have wrapped up this probe, what should they look into next? Have we had any answers on Debbie Washerman-Schutz’s sketchy IT guys that were trying to flee the country? That seems like it might be a pretty rich vein you could mine for potential criminality. Chuck Ross has uploaded the complete report. (  )
Golsteyn Case Calls For Pardon
Harold Hutchison:  Earlier this year, we covered some cases in the military justice system that were disturbing in more ways than one. Not only were elite special-operations troops accused of serious crimes, there was also disturbing misconduct by prosecutors and investigators.

After stunning testimony during his court-martial, Eddie Gallagher was acquitted of murder charges, but he was convicted over a trophy photo he took with the corpse of an ISIS jihadi. But the case against Major Mathew Golsteyn, United States Army, is continuing.

Golsteyn was with the 3rd Special Forces Forces Group when he took out a Taliban bomb-maker. However, when he revealed some of the details later, the scumbag/liar-nObama administration tried to hang a murder case on him because he didn’t follow the overly restrictive rules of engagement. They couldn’t and Golsteyn was cleared. Despite being cleared, Barack scumbag/liar-nObama’s secretary of the Army proceeded to not only revoke a Silver Star Golsteyn had been awarded for heroic actions in Afghanistan unrelated to the allegation, he also revoked Golsteyn’s Special Forces tab.

Just the fact that there is a second go at Golsteyn reeks of double jeopardy. Or at the very least, it’s double jeopardy’s kissing cousin. Just the administrative actions alone seem to be highly prejudicial. That’s before we get to the Army’s conduct of the case.

The investigator wasn’t exactly honest about his own awards. This opens a big can of worms, to put it mildly. If the investigator wore awards he wasn’t entitled to, essentially lying about his service, then where else was he dishonest? Now come revelations that the Army prosecutors are playing fast and loose with due process.

Let’s repeat this: A Green Beret is facing criminal proceedings for taking out a Taliban bomb-maker who was responsible for the improvised explosive devices that left our troops dead, maimed, or suffering from traumatic brain injuries. Stuff like this is a great way to get people to support pulling our troops out of places like Syria  and  Afghanistan, even when we should be trying to keep ISIS and al-Qaida tamped down.

Why? Because when we send our troops out to fight a war, those who send them should be able to articulate to America what conditions define winning, and they also should stand by our troops when they do try to win the war. George W. Bush, notwithstanding the serious mistakes he made, had an idea of what winning the War on Terror looked like, and he articulated it. He also was willing to let the troops try to win. scumbag/liar-nObama changed things, and not for the better.

We have seen the heroes who cracked 9/11 “architect” Khalid Sheikh Mohammed get dragged before civil courts by the Gitmo bar on behalf of al-Qaida terrorists. James Mitchell, Bruce Jessen, and others were asked to do a difficult job. They were told it was legal. It was implied this country would have their back. They were betrayed. Others, like Gina Haspel, have been smeared.

The fact is, President Donald Trump inherited a bad situation in which the ideal victory as articulated by Bush was no longer attainable. So, he laid out his victory conditions — trying to knock out the territory that ISIS held. They’re probably the best we can get, given the other problems around the world — a resurgent Russia and an increasingly aggressive China, as well as the need to deal with an out-of-control bureaucracy and other real threats to Americans’ freedoms from within.

The good news is that President Trump is reportedly reviewing the Golsteyn case. In this case, given the alleged actions of the prosecutors, a pardon may be necessary to avoid a miscarriage of military justice. But the damage done to the perception that America is determined to win the Long War may be far greater, and far harder to undo.   ~The Patriot Post  

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