A people who cannot learn from history will be the victim of their ignorance and will perish in their blissful blindness.

Kant wrote to paraphrase: People will get use to tyranny after awhile and will accept it; complacent and docile.

Well, Obama has conditioned the masses with subtle tyranny, and its propaganda, succeeding.  All men are not created equal and Trump, his understudy proves it; he is more audacious!

Trump knows that most people are not well informed about world affairs, and will tell them what they want to hear: mainly one- upmanship tactics to thrill their adrenal gland, nothing more can be expected of them.

The fall of The Roman Empire depended on the uniformed ear of its people.  They accepted, gracefully, their demise and a void remained until another despotic force took over: the Pope and his oppressive regime.  They were already conditioned to accept that force; abandoning all remnants of freedom, to replace it with a promise of Heaven to free them from oppression.

Repeating  the cycle is natural, and yet disturbing, as freedom becomes an irritation to an incompetent populace; willfully replacing it with quick-fix ideologies that will ultimately destroy them.   


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