Radical Imam Praises Alleged Fort Hood Shooter, Urges Muslims to 'Follow in Footsteps' - InternationSource: www.foxnews.comRadical Imam Praises Alleged Fort Hood Shooter, Urges Muslims to 'Follow in Footsteps', The personal Web site for a radical American imam living in Yemen who had contact with two 9/11 hijackers is praising alleged Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan as a hero.My ResponseThe danger and root cause for the Fort Hood attack is being Political Correct. I'm pragmatic and military personal are tired of the lies of Diversity. Our men and women do not need to be afraid the person in uniform is an Enemy in disguise.I understand the harassment that occurs, because I recieved it as a Christian while in service. The difference is our faith is self-correcting. We are stronger by the testing of our faith. We do not praise a Jim Jones or David Koresh for extreme ideologies. They are isolated and cutoff. We are the first to ostracise such conduct.Illegitimate groups are not self-correcting, whether in Politics or Religion.I have had many Muslim friends and believe it or not there is much similiarity with modern Christianity. I have other thoughts about religion and politics which I'll discuss later, but If Muslims do not correct these behaviors then they will forever be relagated as an illegimate religion that is unable to stand the test of criticism. Muslim's need to remove the shrouds of deciet that cause them to hate their fellow man. I should have no fear carrying a bible into and Islamic nation and there is no fear of Muslim carrying the Koran into the United States. If Shria Law is intolerant than it is illegitmate. There is no justification to cut off someone's head and for not defending the Constitution, unless your views cannot stand the test of criticism.
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  • Robert,
    My Nephew is currently a Marine and has served two tours in Iraq and will most likely serve another. As a Texan our state's name is derived from the word Tejas which means friendly. Any real Texan knows that and exemplifies it, however, I warned him upon entry into Marines and again prior to his first deployment never drop you guard.

    A muslim may seem friendly and brotherly, however, philsophically they view us as the Great Satan. Everything they do is a ruse to have us drop our guard and then as helpless sheep they will murder us. I have taken the time to correct these ideologies with Muslim friends and have had positive results, however, when Imams, Leaders and clerics reinforce this hatered toward other religions and the US it is an uphill battle. That is why Illegimate groups are false or usurpers. Seats of powers love division. It is in the division they gain and maintain their seat of power. This is true of any ideology whether political or non-political. Any legitimate group can be over run by Usurpers and one these usurpers have power they will use every drop of blood of the innocent to retain it. They never risk their own wealth or blood, but those of the flock who blindly following a false leader, usurper. Return a fool his folly.

    If they do not want to use civilized methods to disagree, then we need to use the uncivilized methods they use to communicate to us. Remove the contraints. Let's send our men into their lands and lay waste to their seats of powers. Once they realize we have our resolve to fight them to the end, I think they will buckle. Either they replace their false prophets with legitmate leaders who can be questioned or they will continue to believe the lie. We can't not coward to their tactics, instead use their means of communication to execute this war properly. Violence should begat violence. It is true of the bully on the playground as well as international playground of diplomacy.

    Enough with the BS and lets resolve this conflict, otherwise our leaders are playing the same illegitmate game to lay waste of our precious resources by illegally taxing us. The Time to hate is at an end. Restore the Constitution and do not let our men and women be victims of bad leadership. Obama are you listening.
  • I have been a born again Christian since I was 10,I served 10 years in th US NAVY brought back the marines from beruit.spent 13 months in the persian gulf.My son is currently a marine gunny in the mid east a 12 year vet.With all this said,I am currently unemployed going to school full time to get my A&P lisciense.About 7 months ago one of two IRAQIE brothers stood up in class and said he stuck his ak47 in the hole in the roof of a humv and killed those americans,I emmediatly stood up and put my hands around his neck and ask him WHAT DID YOU SAY1 it took all of Gods grace to keep me from choking the life out of him and dragging his limp body to the office and calling the FBI. He shouted it was just a game.The next day I took him aside and explaned how wrong it was to ever say what he said.I have had to go way out of my way to make him my friend,but in the back of my mind is caution.I since have ask alot of questions about his familys background one big item His dad was in saddoms army,And when he went to retire he was told it would cost him his head to save his familys lives.so they ran to jorden,and eventually to america.So I'm still not sure but As they say keep your friends close and your enemmys closer. so i watch and wait hoping for the best.
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