Romantic Liar Ben Carson, Trump is the Way

So.... Ben Carson is going around telling people he attacked people with hammers and knives, and what is this supposed to demonstrate his strength or what? Because that's not something I personally would be readily proud of, redemption stories of The Lord aside... And then, to top it off! Turns out he's lying?? Bragging about psychopathic acts he didn't commit! I don't know what's crazier, having done those things in the first place, or lying about doing them. He's sounds like a self-romanticizing narcissist is about all... STICK WITH TRUMP, the only hope for this country.

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  • Politico’s Dan Rather Moment

    1. Politico reported in its headline that Carson admitted to fabricating his West Point story. He did not admit to any such thing. Politico’s headline was a provable lie.
    2. Politico reported in its lead paragraph that Carson admitted to fabricating his West Point story. He did not.
    3. Politico reported that Carson had claimed that he had applied at West Point. Carson never claimed any such thing.
    4. Politico never bothered to report the fact that during the time in question West Point was hot to recruit black cadets.
    5. Politico claims that West Point Does not offer “scholarships.” West Point disagrees.
  • Well Dale, the facts don't lie. These are the facts, no one can corroborate Carson's characterizations
  • Get your facts straight before you cast stones.

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